'You're Fired'! 9 Valid Reasons To Fire Someone From Work

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'You're Fired'! 9 Valid Reasons To Fire Someone From Work

How would you feel if the organization you are working for fires you? While the feeling of getting a new job is ecstatic, the emotion behind getting fired is beyond the humiliation, and embarrassment one has to face. It’s a devastating moment that may turn your world upside down.

As we ponder upon the reasons that may get you fired, it’s important to pay consideration to the fact that firing an employee from an organization is not an easy task and requires courage and determination to do so. Therefore, before you form an opinion about the senior who terminates your services with the company, try putting yourself in their shoes and understand what compelled them to take this step.

Were you engrossed in some unfair activities at work or did you commit a mistake that resulted in a huge loss for the company, explore some reasons that may be apt to fire an employee!

#1. Misconduct

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As an employee, one must respect the code of conduct and behave in a fashion that best befits the atmosphere at work. Unethical conduct such as sexual harassment, lying, fraud, and industrial espionage is strictly prohibited, and the practice of same could lead to immediate termination.

#2. Poor Performance

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When a company hires an individual, it is selected for its caliber and enthusiasm to bring good to the firm. However, if the employee fails to live up to its promise and delivers poor performance, hampering the productivity of the company, the manager has the right to dismiss the services of the employee and ask them to step aside from the post.

#3. Too Many Leaves

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Who doesn’t want a leave to enjoy a nice relaxing day in the bed, watching their favorite set of films and indulging in some good food? However, not at the cost of your job! As an employee, one must respect the company’s leave policy and not take an undue advantage of the same.

#4. Violation Of Company's Policy

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Every company has a unique policy that the employees must comply with. Violation of the same gives the company the legal right to terminate the services and fire the employee from the organization. Hence, it’s better to just adhere to the company policy!

#5. Using Company Property For Personal Use

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Now, who doesn’t do that? But in case you get caught, the company has the right to fire you! Thus, if you are one of those employees who use the printer of the organization for personal use or engages in social media website on the computers during working hours, beware! This will surely get you fired in split seconds.

#6. Stealing

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Try not to get involved in the activity of stealing at all. If you are caught stealing company’s accessories such as staplers, papers, printers, or even their shredders, be prepared to get fired.

#7. Insubordination

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In case an employee shows disobedience to their senior, the chances of them get fired get higher. You must obey the orders delegated by the seniors. There is a way to voice your opinion, and that must be exercised. If you hold a view that contradicts the company’s policy, address it with the manager in a polite dialogue than disobeying them outrageously.

#8. Falsifying Company Record

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Do not tamper with the records of the company. The same would be considered as a criminal offense, and you will get fired for fraudery. As a matter of fact, apart from firing the employee, the company can even pursue a legal case against the employee for playing with crucial data of the company.

#9. Using Company’s Property For Personal Business

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If the company finds out that its employees are using the organization’s property as a personal tool for carrying out their private business operations, it is liable to fire the employee without giving any substantial reason to support their action.

Do you think there are more valid reasons for which an employer can fire an employee from an organization? We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.

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