Remedies for jet lag

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Remedies for jet lag

Jet lag occurs after air travel across several time zones. It is caused by body's circadian rhythms being out of sync with local destination time. Symptoms of jet lag are insomnia, irritability, and indigestion.

Natural remedies for jet lag are


Valerian is a herb used as the sleeping aid. It is used to help to adjust to new time zones.


Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. When it gets dark in the night, melatonin hormone is secreted. Light suppresses melatonin release. Melatonin supplements help the body to adjust to the new surroundings. Generally, 0.5 mg tablet at night for three nights is prescribed for jet lag. This tablet should be taken one hour before to sleep. Melatonin may improve alertness during day time.

Adjusting sleep time

Another remedy is adjusting the sleep time and bedtime to the destination time prior to traveling. If traveling east, sleep one hour earlier than normal and wake up one hour earlier. On day two, sleep time would be two hours earlier and wake up two hours later. On day three wake up time would be three hours earlier and wake up time would be three hours earlier.

If traveling westward, bed time would be one hour later than normal and wake up time would be one hour later and it would increase each day for another two days.

Homeopathy medicine

There are some homeopathic medicines which prevent jetlag.


Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine intake. Drink plenty of water and have light meals. You can follow this diet plan called as Argonne diet. Begin this diet three days before departure. Take foods rich in vitamin A, C and E.

Day 1 (Feast day)

Eat high protein diet. It helps the body to be alert. Dinner should be only carbohydrates with no proteins. Carbohydrates stimulate melatonin. You can have one caffeine drink at the time in the noon.

Day 2 (Fast day)

You can have only salads and soups on this day.

Day 3 (Feast day)

Diet is same as day one.

Day 4 (Departure day is a fast day)

Get as much as sleep in the morning and if you are traveling west you can have a caffeine drink in the morning. If you are traveling east, caffeine drink is permitted between 6.00 pm and 11.00 pm.

This diet is not suitable for all. Especially people with diabetes should consult their doctor. Do not overeat in the plane as it may cause acidity, vomiting, indigestion. Protein or carbohydrate-rich foods are preferable as it will help in proper sleep. Avoid taking alcohol. Drink water before and after the flight but do not drink too much. Sit comfortably, by stretching.


Massaging your body before leaving to fight with aroma oils will help.

After one reaches the destination he or she can consume a glass of warm milk with a little ginger in it. This will help in relaxing.


Surya namaskar helps in rebuilding the digestive system

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