What are best features of a successful game for 2019?

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What are best features of a successful game for 2019?

Video Games are bad for you! That’s what they said for rock ‘n’ roll.

The first ever video game was invented in October 1958. It was PONG by William Higinbotham. Later, in 70’s similar games emerged and were soon popular. Games are the most probable form of entertainment.

The best games were

3.Grand theft auto
7.Mortal Combat

The list is gigantic.
Games have come a long way. But what is the driving factor?

The storyline is the most crucial ingredient for a game as it is for a feature film. Though in some cases games without a story but having a great playing experience have been triumphant. Angry birds would be an incredible example.

Challenges, breathtaking experiences, and fun are the drivers of an exquisite gameplay.


A great story is indeed a bridge to a great gameplay. It creates curiosity and engagement for the player to play it. He/She will keep the game on until the final stage is cleared. This they do see the conclusion. Obviously, every story has a conclusion, so does a game. Batman, Grand theft auto 5 are examples of successful gaming.

2.Gaming art:

Graphics are vital. Good graphics compel the player to be engrossed in a particular game. The environment, characters, lighting all play a major role in the gaming experience. They must be designed in a manner that makes the hyper-realistic show.

3.Titles and logos:

they make the first appearance and hence ought to be the best. Crytek GmbH, LIMBO 2010 Playdead can be examples.

4.Challenges and difficulty levels: 

To keep it going, sufficient level of challenges must be induced for the gamer. Nobody wants to win an easy game. Toughness in a challenge and then winning it. This gives immense satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. Exploring and thinking generate interest. The Halo Series is the best example.

Interactive Features, graphics, and sound system should be able to immerse the player in the role. Determining factors of a great game!

These are certain attributes that all great games have in common.

Video game database API:

API stands for application programming interface. It mainly governs how one app can communicate with another. It is about exposing certain internal functions of that program to the outer world. They are great time savers. One API might help in constructing other API.

The game database API is Instant access to gaming information. It is available for both the gaming consumers and for gaming professionals.

Game designers across the world have been developing and marketing games. It is only with the help of a good gaming database.

Big data has been making it to the gaming industry with a spur. Big data is used to drive customer engagement. It helps to make more money on advertising. Also, Plays a huge tole in optimization techniques.
In the US, the gaming industry is much larger than its film industry.

To Wrap

How to go about a perfect game creation?

Follow the right advice:
1.An excellent video game design needs a genre to start with. These can be sports, strategy, adventure, action, shooter, Puzzle, First person shooter, and racing etc.
2.World’s a great place to be, so look around and observe. Pay attention to popular activities people indulge in.
3.keep hold of interactions they get into. See what they do for relaxation.
4.Getting the opinion of people, what they would like to play. Also, ask them what they wouldn't like to play. It would matter a great deal.
5.Jot down every piece of an idea.
6.Get in action.

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