What are the different roles do volunteer plays during mission humanitaire program?

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Me and my brother are planning to go on a mission humanitaire program at the end of this year. What are the different roles doing volunteer plays during mission humanitaire program?

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for posting your query with us. Please find all the information related to mission humanitarian attached below. This is a program that facilitates people who are from the developed countries to be able to go to developing countries and communicate with those families that are a part of such countries. The main aim is to communicate with them and to volunteer to help them in the development related initiatives that are being taken in these areas. They are given an opportunity to volunteer and participate in the development programs that are taking place in these areas. It is an opportunity for them to participate in these programs that will make it possible for them to contribute to the development of these areas.

When it comes to the kind of roles that people get to play in these programs when they choose to volunteer for them are dependent on the kind of program they choose to be a part of. There are various programs that these people offer and the kind of things you will get to do and the kind of exposure you will have while you are in that particular country is dependent on the kind of program you choose to be a part of.

If you choose to be a part of the mission education which is one of the programs that these people run, the main aim here is to make sure that you are able to assist those teachers who teach in the rural areas. They also intend to make it a point to be able to provide all kinds of assistance to the people in these areas with the aim of making it possible for them to avail education and resources related to that. The volunteers will be able to assist in all these efforts to make education available to these people.

You can also opt to be a part of the healthcare related program where you will be a part of all the efforts made to make it possible for them to provide all the health care related assistance to the people in these areas. They provide medical services to people who cannot afford them and have no access to them in these remote areas. The main aim is to make sure that all those places where people have been suffering for years and do not have access to medical help are provided with all the medical relief that can be provided to them.

Hope this information will help you to make your decision.

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First of all, I really admire and praise you and your brother for thinking about doing something for the unfortunate. Now getting to your question, there are a number of things you can do with the Humanitarian program. The role depends on the kind of mission you are going for. You can opt for the mission education which is aimed at supporting teachers in rural schools that lack educational resources or choose the health mission to provide medical services to the people in need. A team in the former department is composed of 4 to 8 volunteers which designs as well as prepares workshops by picking the suitable teaching material. The education mission usually lasts somewhere around two weeks. With about 10 to 15 volunteers, the health team works to treat villagers who do not enjoy access to medical facilities. Also to be noted here is that fee is charged by the organization for participation. For instance, if you are participating in the education mission, it will cost you around 540 euros which includes a two-week accommodation and other expenses.

Mission Humanitaire is a program which helps people from developed countries go to the developing countries and meet the people there who are not as equipped with knowledge and are still in their learning phase. You get to hang out with them and see how they live their life and you are briefed about the culture and living conditions so that you are protected from a culture shock and get to know what are the traditions and values that these people revere so that you don’t offend anyone and cause them to misbehave with you. If you are above 18 and have good knowledge of English language you can participate in this program. The first week will be devoted to the discovery of the country and its culture; you will also be informed about your humanitarian program, your accommodation, and your living conditions. The coordinator remains available, in case of doubts or questions do not hesitate to talk to him about it. You can go on as many excursions as you want provided it is within 5 mile radius of your accommodation as your guide will have to be with you to go farther. You will be accommodated in full board and during the week of discovery you will share your accommodation with other volunteers. Then you can either opt to live separately near the family you will be assigned to help and understand or with them in their house. A final assessment of what you learned and all the positives you can bring from this will help you in signing off well.

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