Do you think that locally run charity organizations are more effective?

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Do you think that locally run charity organizations are more effective?

“You change the world by being great, not by being famous”- Anonymous.

I always support and prefer the local charity organizations and not the big and famous ones. Somehow, I feel they are more sincere and honest. And they explain for every penny that we spend and it is quite difficult to get all these details from a bigger NPO.  Also granting small amounts to bigger charities could be harder to detect and it wouldn’t make them happy but if you grant a small amount to a small charity then it is highly appreciated increasing their capacity.

Smaller charities have knowledge about the local community’s needs. So, I feel such organizations have a better understanding and are more likely to complete the projects on time and efficiently! You can always be in touch with every person involved in their charity, which is the biggest advantage of a smaller NPO over a bigger one. Also, small charities conduct small fund-raisers which are a good opportunity to meet new people and recruit them as new supporters and to have a better understanding of their noble causes. 

A friend of mine just started a youth-driven small NPO in Pune with his Friends. His motive is to promote youth development. Their programs offer enriching lifetime experiences to the young people, improving their skills and knowledge, guiding them about future plans and encouraging them towards the benefits of the society. Which I feel is a great way to make the young people self-sufficient and focused towards their goals! I support them and always promote them among my friends. I feel it is necessary for me to help a friend with a noble cause. They own a website where people can register, attend their seminars and if they like the idea, donate! It is giving opportunities to the needy teens and the “children in shelter” of our society by providing support and resources. 

You can volunteer to work with them to support their cause instead of giving donations. Which I find is another way of expressing your gratitude towards their cause. Money is not the only thing that they look for, volunteering from time to time also makes a big impact. Which I feel is a bit difficult with the bigger NPOs. 

Here is my list of advantages of a smaller charity organization over the bigger ones. But it surely doesn’t mean that bigger NPOs aren’t good enough.

Let’s start with:
1) Smaller charities have time and patience to listen to its donor’s expectations and ideas. It is easier for a donor to convey his message to each person involved with the small NPO;

2) There is always a follow-up from the first contact by the small NPO. So, the donor always know that the charity is serious about his efforts;

3) They are always to the point in establishing a good rapport with their potential donor;

4)  They are always sincere about requesting for help with a noble cause;

5) Since they are a small organization they are aware of how the donations will impact their tax deductions. And they tell you all the information that you need about the same;

6) Unlike bigger NPOs, in smaller NPOs, there is no hierarchy to follow, they act quickly. They will make a difference today, not next year!

7) Being a small NPO, they too have many advantages like their team is strong with a better understanding with each other and they know all the qualities and drawbacks of their organization and always work towards being a better organization;

8) Small NPOs also work towards youth development, transforming them into powerful “social force”;

9) Their programs are more diffused and focused. Whereas, corporate contribution programs are not.

There are many advantages of a smaller NPO, but I am not saying that the bigger ones aren’t good. They have a good rapport with big companies and hence, get a bigger donation to work with an ease. They have a “context-focused” philanthropic approach to meet the social and economic gains. Everyone is working according to their capacity. But I feel that smaller NPOs are a way to go!

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