Can Smokers Donate Blood?

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Can Smokers Donate Blood?

Blood donation is definitely a noble cause. There are several health benefits of doing so. It may not only change someone else's life quality but also enhances your own. However, certain eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled before actually donating the blood.

If questions like "can smokers donate blood," "can smokers donate plasma" or "can you donate blood if you drink alcohol" keep arising, then here is the answer.

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Cigarette

Can smokers donate blood? Cigarette smoking is usually not considered as a hindrance for you to donate blood. One cannot be disqualified if he/ she smokes. The problem arises when this habit causes your blood pressure to rise heavily. Also, if you are on a substantial dosage of aspirin, you should reconsider the idea. Aspirin ruins your platelet count. In fact, other than smoking, if you have recently donated blood, or are suffering from AIDS or are anemic, then you are not supposed to donate blood. 

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But can you smoke after giving blood? Smoking right after donating blood is not good for your health. But you can definitely do that after 3 to 4 hours of blood donation. And if you also have the question that can smokers donate plasma? Then just be relieved to know that smokers can certainly donate plasma. It is a low-risk procedure and rejection comes only when you are low on iron levels along with proteins and are suffering from high fever or high blood pressure. So, when it comes to smoking, one just needs to avoid smoking an hour before arriving at the donation center.

If you want to donate blood, just go to a blood donation center and talk to the concerned authority regarding the same. They will provide you with a questionnaire wherein you need to fill all the required information related to your health. This will ultimately determine whether you are eligible for blood donation or not. In case you can donate blood, the process will take less than an hour. Ask the primary care doctor if you need to discuss any other thing.

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Can I Donate Blood If I Drink Alcohol?

You are advised not to drink alcohol before donating blood. And it is also recommended not to consume alcohol at least 48 hours after donating blood. In the case where you are heavily drunk, and are deciding to donate blood just the next day, then it's a strict No-No. You are absolutely eligible to donate blood even when you consume alcohol. Just make sure that the bedtime and wakeup time should not be a hindrance. 

Can I Donate Blood If I Drink Alcohol?

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Regular habits of smoking or drinking usually do not affect the blood donation procedure. It is just advised not to smoke and drink a day before donating and even a day after donating the blood. Liked what you just read? Want to read more such informational and interesting stuff? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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When it comes to smoking before blood donation then it is usually advised that one must not smoke because smoking reduces the platelets in the blood. I think when you are giving blood to someone you can be a little careful. If you care to donate blood to the needy then you can avoid smoking before blood donation. Blood donation after smoking can be a risk for the one who will be taking the blood. But if you want to smoke then you can have a cigarette after you have donated blood. I have seen people standing in the line of blood donation after smoking and then a question in my mind arises. Can smokers give blood? Doesn’t smoking affect the blood and the person who may take that blood? I tried to research about it online and I was surprised to know that it is okay for smokers to donate blood.
The American Red Cross and other major blood banks do not prohibit people from smoking cigarettes before donating blood. However, smoking after donating blood should be avoided. A person should wait for at least two to three hours after donating blood. There is a risk of you fainting or feeling dizzy if you smoke right after donating blood. The eligibility to donate blood does not exclude smokers. The eligibility to donate blood is 17 years of age and the blood center will conduct a physical exam to determine if a certain donator can give their blood or not. You should not have a communicable disease or have drugs when you plan to donate the blood because it can make the other person sick. The blood will be of no use in that case.
There a few things that every donator must take care of before donating their blood. On the day of donating blood a person should drink more liquids than usual. Eating iron rich food is recommended a week before donating blood. Getting plenty of sleep and a healthy diet that does not include caffeine are some of the things you should take care of before donating blood. So, we now know what things we should do before donating blood and we know the answer to the question, “Can smokers give blood”? Yes, smoking before blood donation is not prohibited but of course you cannot smoke right after blood donation.

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