What is the Role of NGO in Disaster management?

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What is the Role of NGO in Disaster management?

It's really unfortunate when a disaster strikes an economy. The circumstances are difficult to handle, and survival becomes tough. However, effective disaster management comes to the rescue. 

There are several organizations run by volunteers who are prepared for such devastations and efficiently help in disaster recovery as well as disaster relief. And they are NGOs for disaster preparedness who play a crucial role each time.  

What Is A Non-Profit Organization? 

Non-profit organizations, also abbreviated as NGOs, are firms that retain a tax exempted status and are registered under various country laws. These essentially work on the basis of donations received to them through the government, business or individuals. All their operation and financial data are open to the public. So, the donors are certain about their monetary contributions.

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Such organizations work only for the benefit of the general public. They function with the purpose of providing religious, charitable, scientific, safety, educational and/ or cruelty prevention compensation. NGOs can have both paid staff along with volunteers. Workplace ethics are the same. And the type of organization one works in breaks down their key responsibility areas.

What Is The Role Of NGOs In Disaster Management?

What is a disaster? It can be defined as a sudden calamity that occurs with severe consequences. Disaster gives rise to environmental losses, restricted functioning of an economy and inability for communities to cope with their day-to-day activities. It damages/ threatens the lives of people, pose a risk towards property and harm the livestock.

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Effective Disaster Management: This can be defined as a managerial function wherein a framework within the community is established to reduce the vulnerability and develop stern coping methods. NGOs work day and night to revive the economy and bring it back to its normal state.

Firstly, they try to minimize the impact created. Second, one or several NGOs for disaster preparedness are deployed where they plan on how to respond to the situation. Third, rigid efforts are carried out to lower the losses. And at the end, disaster recovery is the ultimate purpose.

Disasters can range from floods, earthquake, drought, landslide, to cyclone and tsunami. NGOs for disaster preparedness work on a local, national as well as international level. They have a common purpose to serve and bring about humanitarian services within the reach of even the poorest. They also monitor the existing political and legal systems to encourage change as and when required. For effective disaster management and assured disaster relief, NGOs work on the ethics of neutrality. They believe in being impartial while providing the services and also let independence prevail.

#1. They protect and assist the victims.

#2. NGOs help in reducing the vulnerabilities.

#3. They help in creating and increasing better opportunities.

#4. They also try and transform the lives of sufferers by redressing their issues.

NGOs For Disaster Preparedness

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#1. They effectively assess and analyze the situation

#2. NGOs also try to rebuild the capabilities

#3. They also coordinate and partner with other such organizations

#4. Provide shelter, sanitation, mock drills etc.

Disaster Recovery 

Non-profit organizations work for getting back all the basic facilities that the citizens would require. Sanitation, water, health, food, security, shelter, and reconstruction are all of those.

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Just we need to focus on what type of Disaster it is? And we need to prepare different management rules and tips to be followed. Mainly theses rules to followed

1. Focus on saving the people who are staying in danger area.

2. Give necessary items like Food, Drinking Water, Clothing and Shelter if needed.

3. Give them a hope that we are with them.

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