Inspiring Story: Read how Karen Spencer Is Finding the Best Way to Help World's Most Vulnerable Kids

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Inspiring Story: Read how Karen Spencer Is Finding the Best Way to Help World's Most Vulnerable Kids

They say a child’s life is easy. They eat all day, sleep whenever and wherever they want, and there is nothing they are supposed to do. Well, that is not the case with every child. In fact, millions of children in the world who have lost both of their parents do not enjoy this luxury. You would think that living in an orphanage would offer them a better life but one Google search on the conditions of orphanages or children’s home will give you an idea about the environment they offer to the kids. 

It is not merely the underdeveloped or developing countries that are failing our next generation, but the problem is also faced in several developed countries as well. If children are really our future, then our future is vulnerable.

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While most of us are not even paying attention to this global crisis, there is one lady who has dedicated herself to make the lives of children in an orphanage a little easier. Karen Spencer is the founder and CEO of the US-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Whole Child International which is on a mission to make the life for children in orphanages and other childcare facilities a little less difficult than it already is. One day, when she was looking into the eyes of her children, she realized that there are millions of children in the world who do not get the love, affection, and intimacy that they do, and that is when she came up with the idea of founding this institution.

After she got the idea to do something for the children in orphanages, she did her research and found that children thrive when they are allowed to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with their caregiver. She found that when children are allowed to have continuous supportive relationships, they thrived. These benefits included everything from 47 percent increase in their height and 37 percent increase in their weight to reducing the number of children who performed like intellectually disabled from more than 80 percent to just 26 percent, without any changes in the diet of the children.

Her organization, Whole Child International is dedicated to teaching and training caregivers as well as government officials on creating a more nurturing and loving environment for children in their care. It educates them about the diverse developmental needs of children during the different stages and coaches them about how everyday tasks like bathing and having a meal can be turned into effective bonding experiences for the little ones. Caregivers are also taught on how to celebrate the first step of the children, their birthdays and first words, and create a memory book for each child.

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A global advocate of social welfare, Karen Spencer has been praised and admired for her efforts by organizations all over the world. She has just been named in the People magazine’s list of 25 Women Changing the World. This Canadian social entrepreneur is the wife of Charles Spencer, who is the brother of the Late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Karen’s hard work and determination to help the world’s most vulnerable children is an inspiring story for us to learn how we can also make our life worth living by doing something for people who need our help. If we all come together in our own little capacities, imagine how much good we can do in the world and inspire others to do the same.

Want to know more about this amazing lady who is nothing short of a hero for orphans all around the world? Check out the video below:

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