What Does Optimism & Optimistic Mean?

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What Does Optimism & Optimistic Mean?

Never let your past failures forecast your future success. A few disappointments should never stop you from traveling the path of purpose. Shit happens. Flush it down and clear the air.

That’s what optimists believe in. An optimistic attitude towards life will lead you greater health and better opportunities.

Definition of Optimism

The term 'optimistic' is derived from the Latin word 'Optimus,' which has been translated as the 'best.' The concept of optimism is based on people who have an attitude of expecting the best in every situation. Optimists tend to believe that things will turn out to be the way they planned (most likely good).

What Does Optimistic Mean?

'Optimistic' is an adjective which describes the mental assertiveness of a person with which he looks for a favorable view on every situation in life. An optimistic person is likely to anticipate a positive outcome over a negative one.

Life can be crazy tough at times. It can either be a fun ride or an awful nightmare. It’s all about how you respond to such situations. Optimism is all about staying positive what may be the situation. You need to hold yourself and stand as solid as a rock, no matter how tough life gets. That’s what optimists do. They get back to their feet after each fall and start making the efforts again.

Being optimistic can impact your view of life profoundly and can also affect your physical and mental health. Scientific researchers also support this fact because it has been noted that optimistic people enjoy a higher quality of life when compared to pessimists.

Optimism stimulates a healthier lifestyle, better problem-solving capacities, and greater flexibility.

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Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

The biggest sign of an optimist  is that they always see the glass as half-full whereas a pessimistic would see the glass half –empty. In situations where life gives us lemons, an optimist will always have sugar, water, and salt at hand to make lemonade. Optimistic people find the best in the world whereas the pessimistic will eventually find the loopholes in every situation.

Optimists are also able to look for an opportunity even in negative circumstances. Unlike the pessimists, they still hope for positive outcomes and do not mourn in stressful situations.

A pessimistic person imagines the worst in every situation. Doom and gloom rule a pessimistic attitude. On the professional front, a pessimistic attitude prevents people from investing. A pessimistic person while looking at a beautiful waterfall will never ponder upon its beauty but will end up imagining himself drowning in the water.

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Things Optimists Do Differently

Being an Optimist does not make you any different from any other being. Optimism is a state of mind and not an extraordinary power. Being an optimist teaches you the way of looking towards things positively and hence finding solutions to your problems. There are certain things that optimists do which makes them better than the rest.

#1. Optimists Do Not Look For Attention

An optimist places a lot of confidence and trust in themselves. Pursuing the approval of others is a waste of time for them.

#2. Optimists Don’t Play The Blame Games

People with a positive outlook towards life will never waste their energies in finding out faults in other people. They are not bothered by either their own or anybody else’s failure. Instead, they look for the reasons that caused their failure and find plausible solutions for the same.

#3. Optimists Are Grateful For What They Have

An optimist knows about the importance of appreciating the little things in life. This attitude of gratefulness lets them discover the beauty of life and make it worth living. Such an approach is highly beneficial when you need extra strength to overcome difficulties.

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Optimism and Optimistic are two words from the same family. Optimism is an adjective whereas being optimistic is a noun. Therefore, these two words, though having same roots, cannot be used interchangeably. Yes, if we become optimistic we will be able to eliminate stress from our lives.

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