What is a Chromebook?

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What is a Chromebook?

Know about Chromebook

A Chromebook is an ultraportable electronic device that works exactly like a traditional laptop with some differences in its way of functioning. The primary difference is that a Chromebook does not run Windows or Mac operating system, it runs Google's Chrome operating system.

A Chromebook is designed to be used mainly with internet connectivity, as most applications and documents living in the cloud.

However, like a traditional laptop, a Chromebook can also be used for working as well as for playing games.

How does a Chromebook work?

A Chromebook runs almost completely within the Chrome Web browser, providing the users the same looks and feelings as they are running the Chrome Web browser on their Windows or Mac operating system laptop.

The ultra-portable device relies highly on Google's suite of applications and a fast internet connectivity as it has completely web-based setup.

Nowadays, Chromebooks are coming with high inbuilt storage drive, making it possible to download and store plenty of data, music files, video files, and photo so that the users can use the device even in offline mode.

Setting up a new Chromebook is very easy you can start just by signing in with your existing Google Account or by creating a new one.

Since most of the chromebook's documents and applications live in the cloud, therefore, Google automatically offers 100 GB of cloud storage for every Chromebook.

Most of the chromebooks can be connected to the internet using either Wi-Fi or 3G. Though a Chromebook is heavily web-dependent, it is still possible to compose and read emails in offline mode using Gmail Offline and WordPress with Google Drive.

The offline applications get automatically synchronize and save on its storage device when the computer has an internet connection.

Hardware engineers from renowned computer making companies, such as HP, Acer, and Dell, are constantly working to update the existing features Chromebooks so that they can compete with traditional laptops.

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