What is Real Beauty?

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What is Real Beauty?

Beautiful !

Friends "kuch samaj aaya iss word se, muje tho sunate hi samaj aaya Sunder"

Beautiful girls, beautiful family and beautiful things all are attractive. But today we don't know about real beauty. Now talk about look, if our look not attractive, skin colour not fare we thought our look and shapes ugly than our confidence level go down and we feel always disappointed as well set a boundary around our happiness. That time we create lot of doubt in our mind.


I am not looking good so I can't join party group, any community and function participation etc.. If I will join may be people don't talk or they talk me as like low standards etc.

Guys guys please don't think as like that about yourself because everyone is beautiful in their own way. God gives different different quality to everyone so please see that inner quality don't analyse.

Stand in front of mirror see your face few minutes continually now say I am the best , i am beautiful and I have all abilities to do anything. Because you have that quality nobody have each and every person is different...only your soul should be beautiful and kind. Your voice should be sweet and your behaviour should be kind and discipline. If you feel all quality in your life you would look beautiful. Everyone love to talk you, everyone think about your nature.

So my dear friends follow few step and enjoy your life.

Because you can change your mind, look and way but you will be you nobody can change your identity so make your identity strong no matter how you look and colour you can't replace......

Thank you, Share your opinion on real beauty

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Yes, we can feel and see real Beauty external looks don't define realty. If we believe in realty we should try to see internal Beauty...we can say people's behaviour, kindness and attitude these explain inner beauty.... So it is very important thing in our life how we feel and see both are different. If we always try to see truth we would not cheat by people.

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