What is stroke rehabilitation program?

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What is stroke rehabilitation program?
  • To recover completely from the stroke, rehabilitation forms a crucial adjunct of the recovery.

    The total length of rehabilitation normally depends upon the severity of the stroke. While some of the patients may need few months, and the critical patients may need a year or so. After facing a stroke, the patient becomes panic-stricken and cannot lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Moreover, the medical condition makes his muscles weak and reduces the physical strength. The physiotherapy session is specially designed to help the patient regain his strength and inner confidence. Taking part in the physiotherapy program helps the patient to overcome the subsequent fears and lead a healthy lifestyle once again.

    A typical stroke rehabilitation program may include some of the following therapies:

    •    Mobility training that helps patient to stand on his feet and walk independently without taking help of others.
    •    Motion therapy, which helps in improving the muscle stiffness and patient, can regain the optimal range of motion.
    •    Communication therapy session aids in improving patient’s social skills like writing, talking and listening.
    •    Strengthening exercises involve some simple exercising techniques that help in improving patient’s muscles strength and coordination.
    •    Psychology therapy helps in boosting patient’s confidence and morale so that he does not suffer from mental depression.
    •    Stretching on a regular basis can help the stroke patients to overcome joint stiffness and muscle shortening.
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