How regular exercising helps in eradicating the symptoms of arthritis?

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How regular exercising helps in eradicating the symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic musculoskeletal disorder that causes lots of discomforts and hinders the healthy living of the sufferer. As the pain keeps on aggravating day by day, the person finds it tough to lead a normal life. One of the best natural remedies that can improve such condition is regular exercises. Healthy exercising regime not only keeps the body mobile and fit but also helps in treating the physical impairments. But the exercises differ from patient to patient, and it entirely depends on upon the age and severity of the condition.

Here are some of the key benefits of getting indulged in healthy exercises:
• Eliminating pain - Practicing regular exercising like walking, aerobics and yoga help the patient to get rid of severe joint pains. The physical workout strengthens patient’s muscles and joints and helps in regeneration of new tissues in the specific body part.

• Reduces stress - Exercising helps a person to get rid of harmful stress hormones and toxins from the body, and he can feel relaxed. It can certainly help to overcome acute pain and strain.

• Improves blood circulation - To attain adequate relief from arthritis pain, sufferers can get indulges in slow exercises like morning or evening walks. Regular walking not only helps to strengthen the muscles and joints but also improves the blood circulation. 

• Weight loss-Obesity is one of the primary causes that lead to the condition of rheumatoid arthritis. As the entire weight of the body falls on the knees or legs, the joint gets degraded day by day. Exercise can help such patients to get rid of the excess pounds and attain a healthy body weight.

• Improves muscle flexibility and endurance - Arthritis patients mostly complain about muscle stiffness, and this makes their joints more rigid and immovable. Exercising can enhance body flexibility and eliminate muscle rigidity or stiffness.

Some of the best exercises that are suggested for arthritis patients are:
• This exercising peg gram helps in increasing body’s endurance and breathing capability.

• The primary goal of Pilates is to improve the flexibility of the muscles and make the spine stabilized so that the person can comfortably perform his daily tasks.

• Pilates minimizes the risk of developing osteoporosis and improves the quality of life of the arthritis patients.

•    Yoga postures can help the patients to get relief from acute pain and muscle strain.

•    It improves the range of motion, increase blood circulation, enhances muscle flexibility, and strengthens muscle tissue, and keeps the body fit.
Warm water exercises:

•    Water exercise is great for arthritis patient as it helps in increasing muscle strength and relieves sore stiff muscles.

•    The lukewarm water used in the exercising technique enhances blood circulation and allows the body to relax.

•    It is a great low impact exercise for arthritis patient, as it can help in loosening the stiff joints and improve joint range of motion.

•    One of the simplest exercises for the aged patient is arthritis, as it helps in maintaining the bone health and enhancing joint flexibility.

Tai Chi:
•    It is an ancient Chinese workout that incorporates a perfect blend of physical and mental exercises.

•    It helps in keeping the mind calm so that the person can feel relaxed and deal with pain.

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