What is the difference between a brand and a product?

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What is the difference between a brand and a product?

We purchase endless number of things in our lives. We often ensure that the product that we buy is of a perfect quality. Most of us love to buy products but what actually comes in our mind during a purchase is "brand". Whenever we think of instant noodles the first thing that strikes our mind is Maggi or whenever we think of chocolate the first brand that strikes our brand is Cadbury. But do we know the difference between the two? There are many people who are confused between the two terms. 

The following are the major differences between a brand and a product

  1. A product is made by a company but a brand is made by a consumer. Companies create new products according to the needs of a consumer but it's the experience of a particular brand that gives rise to the brand.
  2. A product can be copied or replaced but a brand has its own uniqueness that cannot be replaced or copied. For example, Cadbury launches new products every year and some of them are even modified but the name of the brand "Cadbury" remains the same.
  3. A product is obsolete but a brand is timeless. If a product fails to satisfy the needs of a consumer the product automatically gets out of the market whereas the brand continues to launch a new better product to replace the previous one. 
  4. A product is instantly meaningful but a brand becomes meaningful over time. A product is liked by every one when it is made according to a consumer's needs but a brand becomes existent only when people are aware of it and has gained positive experience from it.

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