What's the Purpose of Life?

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What's the Purpose of Life?

There is a reason behind everything that happens in this world, ranging from creation to degeneration. We all are born for a specific purpose, but the nature of the purpose remains a mystery to us. By the time, one realizes the value of the life; we would have reached old age. 

There is quite an interesting piece on life, although I am not sure if the two things are connected, however, the story is compelling enough which everyone should read. There's an African tribe that believes every child is born with a unique song which only their mother knows, that too before they are born. This song is like the soul of the child and helps them discover, overcome all the small and big things in life. This song is quintessential for the existence of the child to help him/her discover the purpose of his/her life. The whole tribe sings the song to the child at all crucial life transitions, but life is brings to us sheer reminders as to when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not. Similarly, a purpose in your life is like the song of your own. Whenever you are going through crucial life transitions, and you feel you’re not in sync with yourself, you can remind yourself of your purpose and get back on your toes to scale down the distance to your destiny. 

Some of you might have figured out your life’s purpose already, but for those who didn’t, below are some good reasons why you should find one right now.     

Reasons You Need To Find A Purpose In Your Life Right Now

#1. To Discover The Starting Point Of Your Journey

Not when we are kids, but as we grow up, we start feeling the need for a purpose in life. Just ask yourself of what are you going to do when you pass out from your college? Do you have something in mind or you're just confused? NO. Having a job, good and stable income source, a supportive partner, or even a comfortable life is not going to keep you happy. Living is different from surviving, and you have to decide whether you're planning to live your life or you're planning to survive throughout it. Having a dream, a motive, a plan, or a goal to achieve will give you a reason to live and to fulfill your dreams. And, as soon as you identify your purpose, it would be easier for you to find out where to start from.  

 #2. To Get A Clarity On What's Important And What's Not

At some point in our life, we all have come across situations where we felt confused and succumbed to decide whether the matter or thing is important to us or not. When you don't have a specific goal in life, you don't know what would you be needing and what you want to. Let's try and understand this with the simplest example. Let's assume you're in the supermarket to buy vegetables for preparing the dinner. Now, you don't know what you're going to cook, so it would be difficult for you to decide which vegetables to buy. On the contrary, if someone has already decided to cook Tacos, they would know what vegetables and extra material they need to pick. So, in a way, they have a clarity on what vegetables are important to buy, and what is not. Similarly, having an objective, or a purpose in life will help you have some clarity on what is important and what is not for you to achieve your goals.

#3. To Add A Meaning/Direction To Your Life


You might not face it soon, but one fine day when you return home from work, pissed off by your daily routine or something else, you may find yourself lost in thoughts about yourself, and your time on earth till now. You’ll be compelled to answer a very soul-wrenching question, “What is the meaning of your life? Is what you’re doing making any difference to anything, are you happy from the inside? In most cases, the answer to all these questions will be a NO. But, if you have found a purpose to your life and you know you have to live for it, your answer to all these questions might be a YES. 

Not having a purpose in life makes your life meaningless. It doesn’t matter to anyone whether you’re dead or alive. So, ask yourself, do you want to be important enough, for someone if not for everyone, so much that your absence is perceptible. 

 #4. To Have A Constant Driving Force To Keep You Going

Every individual has a constant driving force behind them that supports them to continue on their journey and achieve their goals. If you trust me, happiness and internal satisfaction are the biggest sources of the talked-about 'constant driving force' or source of motivation to keep doing what you're doing, which is only possible when you pursue your purpose. When you start following your purpose, you’ll gain this incredible burst of energy that never seems to run out and will constantly boost your spirit to follow your dreams.

Thus, no matter who you are, there is always a need for a purpose in life for that source of energy, boost, or motivation that won’t let you sleep or rest unless you conquer your goals. So, if you don’t have one yet, don't wait anymore and find one right now and feel the experience of the endless pleasure reaped from the constant driving force.  

 #5. Achieve Success And Satisfaction


Being happy is different from being satisfied. Happiness is when you win a race, but satisfaction is when you feel you have justified your participation in the race by running the distance in an exemplary performance. Taking the example of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, who is also known as the fastest man on the earth to understand the difference between happiness and satisfaction? Now, let's assume Usain Bolt is standing at the start line in any sprint race; we all want to see him running at his best and complete the race by beating his own record of 9 seconds. We all know he will win the race anyway which is happiness for his fans, but watching him run and win the race by breaking his previous record is satisfaction. Basically, satisfaction is when your expectations are met. 

So, having a life with an abundance of resources, for survival, can make you happy but can’t give you the internal satisfaction. However, having a purpose of life, and meeting it before your death is the only way you can achieve satisfaction. And, as most philosophers say, “If you feel you’re satisfied with your life, you’ll have no regrets if you know you’re going to die tomorrow.”  So, find out your purpose and achieve it, hang on unless you feel you’re satisfied so, you can die with a smile on your face. 

 In the end, all we would like to say that if you don't have a purpose in life already, find one. Though, it's not mandatory to have a purpose in life, yet, having one makes your life easier and less complicated. Having a purpose in life gives you the correct mindset, a specific path that you can follow to reach the ultimate destination of life, and accomplish what you were born for. 

We hope you liked the article. Lets us know if you have any suggestion for your fellow readers that might help them find their own purpose of life, or your own story about the journey to discover your life's purpose. Use the comments section to share your opinions and experiences. 

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