What makes an ad memorable?

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What makes an ad memorable?

Companies try hard to produce ads and show them to the customer. Hence, companies try to make their message heard to justify the return on investment.

Today, each and every company advertises. Thus, competitors of an organization also market their products. In this competitive scenario, the main aim is to make such an ad that is not only entertaining but also makes people remember the brand’s name. An ad that just makes people laugh or cry without fixing the brand name in their minds is not considered effective.

However, a memorable ad is not equivalent to an effective ad. Companies should make an ad that is not only effective but also memorable.

Some of the tips to do so are:

Showcase the brand clearly

An ad should have a balance between showcasing of the brand (name, logo, tagline, etc.) and putting the message across to the people. Do not wait until the end of the ad to show the brand. It makes it difficult for people to recall the brand's name and associate it with the ad that they see. Thus, most of the brands have their logo on the side throughout the ad, and it is flashed on the full screen in between or at the end.

Tell a story

In the noise where all the brands are trying to tell people about their brands, the message of a brand gets lost. Visual and verbal cues should be amalgamated to tell a story to the target audience. It is a known fact that most of the brands make big ad films that tell an emotional or inspiring story. According to a study, the ads become memorable when they are personally pertinent and emotionally stimulating. It helps in the brand recall and giving a message to the society.

Simplicity wins

30-60 seconds is a very short time to grab the attention of people. The concept and story line should be simple and understandable for the target audience.

Communicate the right positioning

The brand should be very careful while producing ads. In the attempt to make a memorable ad, the brand’s core strength and identity should not be messed with. It can create a confusing positioning, and the target audience will not be able to relate to the brand.

Thus, an ad should be simple, to the point and weaved into a story to connect with the people. Some things that add that extra edge to the ad are – humor, emotional topic, iconic character, jingle, building trust or call to action. Below are certain steps that can help in making great ads.

Anticipatory Approach

When you have an idea, think through it. Think all the positive and negatives about it.


An idea might be brilliant. However, it is not worth it if it does not achieve the goal. An ad that does not attain the objective is useless. Ads are made to increase sales, improve brand recall or other branding activities.


Best and memorable ads are the ones that go hand in hand with the latest trend or world events. These are the things that grab the attention of people.

With the advent of technology, companies are trying different methods to understand the psyche of its customers. Companies run their ads to a select audience and record their reactions through facial expressions, dilation of the pupil, etc. They also take feedback to understand where the ad lacks. Then, the ad is modified and make available to different media to reach out to the target audience. It is needless to say that the brands are dedicated to devising innovative methods to get to the head of their potential customers. As the events unfurl, it will be interesting to see where the advertisement industry will be after a few years. 

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