What should I decide, to study, to work, to go volunteering?

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1) Four years ago I decided to study computer engineering because my passion and dream was to create video games. In July of this year I finished my degree and now I want to decide whether to study, work or volunteer. Some important facts are:

2) My passion for playing video games is now zero.

3) My passion for making video games is small, this summer I competed in three Unity courses in Udemy and I liked two of them very much.

4) I have some physical difficulties that make some tasks difficult for me:
I have a syndrome in my hands that makes my hands very cold.
My spine is deviated, so sitting for more than half an hour or an hour hurts.
I see through one eye, which makes me quickly tired of reading on a screen. All of the above makes it difficult for me to program.

5) The computer studies I was planning to do is a year-long postgraduate course in videogames. They would teach me how to program games and the end result is to create an original game in a group of three to five people. It costs 1400 euros and is an official title.

6) Another option is to work as an intern. At the university foundation we are given the opportunity to spend between 6 to 10 months working on internships for 500 euros per month. The difficulty is that the company has to find it myself and there are few IT offers.

7) Right now I feel unmotivated because I have realized that I lost my passion for playing games and that was my motivation to continue studying. Honestly, programming is a task that catches my attention because it's very creative, but I don't like having to sit for so long, and usually when I finish programming I feel tired of the view and so concentrated that it's hard for me to return to calm afterward.
Besides, I'm sick of feeling lonely. During my college years I gave up games and socializing and focused on school and family.

8) What I think would make me happy is to put what I learned into practice and participate in a team and create something together. I want to have some study, work or volunteer work that is more physically active.

9) During my graduation work I discovered that they hardly teach programming at university and that in this profession you have to be very self-taught. That's why this summer I was taking the game development courses and I see that the way of programming through Unity is very graphic and attractive.

10) During my graduation work I developed a web application and it took me a lot of courage to develop it on my own. I felt a little accompanied because I had a tutor who reviewed my code. But I realized that I am very impulsive and I find it hard to accept criticism, even if it is constructive.

11) As an added bonus I love languages. I thought I could take the B1 exam and continue my studies in B2.

12) I write all this to get opinions and advice from people who have already been in a position to finish their studies and have to decide later.

13) As an additional fact, my brother works as a mobile phone salesman, my father works in agriculture and my mother is a pensioner. I sincerely envy my brother because in his work he talks to clients and can help them with their problems. I envy my father because his work is physical and in nature.

14) As I wrote before, 4 years ago at the Institute my passion was a game and I played almost 4 to 6 hours a day. When I was in college, I stopped playing completely because I wanted to pass. Now I feel unable to use the computer with which I study, to play, so I no longer enjoy that facet of life.

15) Based on the above, would you decide to study, work or volunteer?

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