What to do when You're Caught Lying?

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What to do when You're Caught Lying?

Are you someone who is accustomed to lying on a regular basis or you just use white lies in difficult situations? No matter what it might be, getting caught will land you in equal trouble. Not only that, the person you lied to will begin to assume that you had been lying about other things as well irrespective of the reality, making it difficult for you to convince them otherwise. However, leaving the matters loose when you are caught might not be the best decision you make.

It is advised to not lie in relationships. However, even if you do, you should avoid it once your partner is aware of those lies. It will hurt their feelings and shake their trust on you. But at times, we come across such situations where we act out of our minds and cannot let the other one know about it. We feel that lying would be better than telling the truth. But what if they eventually find out that you were dishonest about it the whole time? Well, most of us do not know how to respond o that situation. Thus, we should act carefully so as to not do any further damage. Here's what you should do once you are caught lying!

What To Do When You're Caught Lying?

#1. Apologize Immediately

Instead of trying to cover up for the lie, you should let them know you regret lying in the first place. Also, do apologize for keeping them in the dark. Express genuinely and tell them that you did not mean to hurt them. Do not deny the fact that you lied but spend that time in saying "I am sorry that I had to lie to you." But do not just put it simply in those words. Express that you understand that you have hurt them and you feel bad about it. Saying it correctly is going to make them trust you again and not punish you for it.

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#2. Give Your Reasons

If you had no other way except to tell a lie, you should tell the other person about it. They should know the reason why you had to go to those measures to hide the truth. Maybe your intention behind the lie was not a bad one. So, you should tell the same, and it will make the scenario a little less tense. Do not expect them to forget the lie because you had good reasons to do it. But it will soften the other person down as they will be able to understand your situation as well now.

#3. Do Not Stretch The Lie

Now that they have caught your lies, your first instinct will be to save yourself by cooking up another lie. But it is not such a good idea as you always risk yourself of getting caught again. Only this time, they will stop trusting your words. It is better to accept that you have lied instead of creating a whole web of lies to hide the other lie. You will just be making things more awkward for yourself. So save the embarrassment of it all and own up to your fault.

#4. Accept Your Fault

The least you can do after breaking the trust of the other person is acknowledging that you have made a mistake. It will be of no good if you try to prove that it was a white lie you told just to avoid a bad moment. That cannot be an excuse to lie. In fact, no excuse is good enough now that you have been caught. The only to make them believe in you again is by accepting your fault without any arguments.

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#5. Be Honest Now

You have been caught in your lie, the other person might be seriously considering to trust you again. You can only prevent this damage from happening if you tell the entire truth to them. Do not try to hide anything from them now. The chances are that they already know and are waiting for you to confess about it. So tell them everything that you were trying to cover up with your little lie. Only your honesty can save the bond between the two of you.

#6. Do Not Be Harsh In Speaking

Do not let your aggression make the situation even worse. Even you would be feeling horrible as you never planned to let the other person know the truth. Now your lie had failed, and they have found out the hidden secrets. This might take you off guard as well. But try to stay calm when you are talking to them in order to make things better for the both of you. Your attitude for the situation will matter a lot for them. If you are harsh with your words, it will never make the matter better. So, be careful with your words and tone.

#7. Body Language

Your apology will not mean anything if your body language does not support it. You cannot have a grin on your face and expect the other person to accept that you feel sorry. You need to adopt the right body language to portray that you genuinely feel bad about hiding the truth from them. If you feel apologetic, your actions will show it too. Keep your eyes down and listen to what they have to say to you. Do not let your ego come in between this or else you might lose the person forever.

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#8. Avoid Arguing

When someone catches you in a lie, their trust in you shatters. Often they become aggressive and might say mean things to you. But now that you are at fault, you should not retaliate them. Try to stay silent and do not argue over the blames they put on you. It is the human behavior to counter-attack which they are doing after being hurt by your lies. But once they calm down, they will be back to themselves. So do not get involved in an argument with them if they start saying ill things to you.

#9. Do Not Shift The Blame

You should own up to your mistake instead of throwing the blame on somebody else. Try not to justify your actions simply by saying that you did it under the influence of someone else's words. You have your own judgment and should have been a better judge. It is better not to involve another person in your lie and put half the blame on them with the hope that it might make things better. It will not make things better for you but will also put the other person in a bad picture. So accept what you did and take full responsibility for it.

#10. Promise To Not Repeat

You have already done it, and the worst has happened. You have been caught in your lie. The other person will definitely be having a hard time accepting the truth. You should take some responsibility to make them feel better. After apologizing, you should assure them that you feel guilty for lying. Make a promise to them that you will not be continuing this practice in the future. Commit to sharing everything with them that you have in your life and not hide the truth even if things are difficult. This will give them some relief as they will be having a lot of doubts already after all this.

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#11. Show Improvement

If the other person has decided to stick by your side despite catching you lying, show them that you are going to improve your habits. Make efforts and let them know that you are making some significant changes. Be truthful to them about everything now and make them believe that you have nothing to hide now. Tell them you are willing to make suitable changes in your behavior which can save your friendship or any relationship that you have with them. Be a better version of yourself so that they know you want the bond between you to remain.

It is difficult to amend the situation after you have been caught lying. But you can follow these few tips and avoid making the situation worse for yourself and anybody who is involved in it.

We hope we are able to help you with this advice. Let us know if you have any other addition to this list. Leave your suggestions in the comment box down below.

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Telling a lie is the most basic survival trait of human beings, But not everybody can survive the lie they have cooked up. They end up embarrassing themselves in front of the other one. But it does not have to be that way if you either stop lying or just master the skill of deceiving. I have been saving myself from getting fired from the office so many time just by lying that I have done the work assigned when in reality I did not even remember it till then. I am sure we all have done this a number of times in our lives to avoid the scolding and the bitter faces. But no matter how cautious we are, we do get caught lying. But you should not act in a strange way even if you are caught. You should be wise with your moves so that you do not end up making a fool of yourself.
When I lie, I lay all the groundwork so as to have a backup in case I get caught with my dishonesty. I do not wait for the time to get caught to make up a story for covering my tracks. I have it with all the time which makes it easier to make the other person believe my fabrications. Then even if caught I make the lie seem like the truth my twisting facts. It always works in my favour without the other having suspicions about it. It is a lot of hard work to make up a good lie. But not that much if you are clever enough. You should always make sure that you have your facts straight. So that you do not tell a different story to different people. There is a high chance that they will all start comparing facts and you will be revealed within a few days. You have to be the natural manipulator to turn the stakes to your side.
But it did happen with me that I got caught even after all the precautions that I took. So I did my best to come up with a genuine explanation that would justify my need to lie. So if you have lied to your boss about taking a leave as you had a dentist appointment but you are really just going to see a friend. If you run into someone from the management at the restaurant that you are. You should be prepared to answer some questioning that is coming your way. Make up some convincing story if you do not already have one. Practice telling it before you face your boss. Anticipate any questions and their answers so that you are prepared to make your story sound true. Also, to make up for your mistake, let them know that you would never do this unless you had an immediate need to do so. If you sound genuine, they would be able to forgive you for lying. There is no need to panic if you are caught in your tales. Even the masterminds end up being caught. Just make up some good plans to make the person keep faith in you.

Meaningful words. Love the perception given to the points mentioned above but one should understand, a relationship is not just two being loving each other, it’s a bond two people share, a bond made with some very Essie tail humanistic elements like Love, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Care, Emotions, And Sexual feelings. All aspects hold equal importance and so one should make sure they respect them all. 

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