What to do when You are in Confusion?

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What to do when You are in Confusion?

Confusion, confusion! Everybody must have been through the phases of a dilemma. Confusion is a state of mind when your thought process gets higgledy-piggledy, and the entire chain gets disturbed. We wind up in an uncomfortable zone when we are bewildered. Bafflement is very natural, it comes along with our decisions and contradictions. Confusion is the concomitant of imbalance of our thinking and perceiving the matters. No matter how cautious you are, confusion creeps in at some points in life. In fact, more often than not we are engulfed in the web of confusion only to whoosh out of it at a rate of knots.

The predicaments in life do not come out of the blue, the stage is already set for them, and then the plot of puzzle thickens. All the hypothetical characters are muddled up owing to confusion. Interestingly, we are all the protagonists of our own confused stories. When we are confused, we lose the ability to make good decisions due to which we face grave ramifications. Confusion must be dealt with a serious, pragmatic approach and it only gets cleared away when one steer clears of external factors, such as society’s reaction, people’s attitude and the like.

What To Do When You Are In Confusion?

A groove where any sensible person loses his or her mind and the ability to think right, called confusion, is the most significant phase in anyone’s life. Confusion leaves you insane and you are on the verge of madness, at times. The state of affairs are completely muddled due to confusion in life but one must put his or act together and fight the demons of confusion with determination. Given below are some of the things which must be kept in mind when you are confused:

#1. Accept The Present Situation

People sometimes cannot take the pressure or difficulties they undergo in life. They either express their emotions violently or silently, i.e. through actions. The silent expressions might be in the form of insomnia, excessive intake of alcohol or sugar, skipping meals and things like that. No matter what people should avoid doing and not give in to the current crisis in life. It is essential to realize that everything perishes, therefore we must accept the situation as it is.

The more you try to harm yourself be it in implicit or explicit form, the more you get yourself dragged into the mess called confusion. In order to avoid the multiplicity of confusion, just go with the flow and be satisfied with what is served to you.

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#2. Practice Patience

You do not need to be Griselda, but you have to wait for things to happen. Things take time and there is no denying the fact that a patient person handles the adverse situations more successfully. When you lose control over things, you go berserk which adds insult to the injury. If you do not intend to add fuel to the confusion fire, it is better to stay away from unnecessary sparks and be patient.

Learn to be at peace with life, you cannot have everything. The art of patience comes through self-control. Start controlling your emotions and you’ll certainly get a way to escape the rut of confusion you are gripped in.

#3. Concentrate On Your Confusions

If you remain focused on your confusion, you get to know the provenance of your bewilderment. People get perplexed at various stages but the reason, at times, is trivial. Make sure you are not confused about something petty which only turns out to be comical. Have a clear knowledge of what, how and why is your confusion coming about.

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Try to reach the answers of how, why and what and you’re sorted. Once you begin unfolding the layers of confusion, the entire map lays bare in front of you.

#4. Focus On Your Certainty

Do not imagine or invent things on your own. If you are dead certain about something, even if it’s a failure, accept it. When people are keen on being rigid at one thing, the results and the solution automatically appears. If you are uncertain about something, be certain about it. The surety of uncertainty is also extremely significant.

It is totally fine to admit to things you have no idea about. Saying things like – “I have no idea as to what is this or where something is going.” These are the statements which have universal value. We are not well-versed with everything on this planet. So when you exhibit a certainty, you get to see the patterns of confusion.

#5. Check Your Thoughts

Be in charge of your thoughts, if you are not able to control your thoughts – random, accidental or regular; you need to rethink. Make a habit of controlling your thought process because that is what helps you to decide things and offers you a solution when in a problem. Never avoid or deny the presence of difficulties, stress, and tension.

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It is the acknowledgment of your troubles that makes your confusion all the more worse. To avoid the confusion, we must control our thoughts and seek ways to solve our worries and tensions.

#6. Live In The Present

Do not let your past haunt you. You can just live in the present and think about today. When you cast away your past and obfuscate future uncertainties and tensions, you indulge in the present and begin to savor the precious time. It is no use harking back to the past, after all, it is all about today. You have got nothing to do with the pages of history nor the coming future which is in itself very unpredictable and uncertain.

Next time you land in confusion, just relish your present situation, cheer up, party-hearty and say goodbye to some memories of past. A trip down memory lane is worthless if it makes you sad or leaves you directionless. For a path to be sought, you need to enjoy the moments which are fleeting and will vanish. Do things you love, have fun and do the best you can.

#7. Question Yourself

The moment you feel perplexed, just stop and ask yourself some questions. Be patient and the answers you get will lead you to a situation where you will get satisfaction, peace, and clarity. Up and until you are clear about your thoughts, you can never come to a strong decision. People are confused in both good and bad situations. From shopping decisions to joining an MNC, the confusion is of various levels. Questioning will help you know the relevance of matters in your life and you could pick things accordingly as per your preference and convenience.

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So, grill yourself occasionally whenever the need arises. You will reach an answer no matter the nature of answer and the time it takes. The answers can aid you in finding tricks to your confusion.

#8. Introspection

Self-analysis helps in knowing the ins and outs of your disposition and temperament. Once you start brooding on your life, and the turn of events, you will be cognizant of reasons of your confused state. Skepticism and disorientation of your thoughts and feelings can disrupt the course of your life. Think about all the possible causes of your confusion and try to get out of it as soon as possible.

The baggage of confusion and the tension that comes with it is immense. The level and intensity of confusion rest on the nature of circumstances in life. When you focus on yourself instead of finding fault in others, you can escape the world of confusion slowly and gradually, if not like the wind.

#9. Seek Help

Assisting someone during crisis really helps. You can help your friend come out of stress. Similarly, you need to ask for a helping hand who can ease your amount of tensions and can proffer remedies to treat your confusion as his or her own. When you seek help, you can think of a number of ways, the ideas of yours are in cahoots with the ideas of your friends, family members, colleagues or relatives or anyone for that matter.

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Whereas when you do things on your pat, it is not certain that you will see the light at the end of the dark confusion tunnel. However, if two or more people discuss things, there are more solutions and ways to manage the problem.

#10. Let Out Your Emotions

The catharsis is extremely important in that it helps you release your anger, stress, tension, trauma and what not. You should occasionally release your emotions freely. Give yourself the liberty to set free from the old ideas. When you discard old ideas, you open a world of possibilities and you get to broaden your horizons. The more you vent you, the more relaxed you are. A relaxed mind is a free mind. Confusions will disappear naturally once you give yourself permission to let go of things that are of no significance.

#11. Treat Yourself Gently

It is often observed that people keep on criticizing and blaming themselves for situations they have no control over. Do not lay a guilt-trip and be free, treat yourself generously. Stop accusing yourself of no reason at all. Rough patches are part and parcel of our lives and so are confusions, it is no point targeting yourself.

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Enjoy life, be super kind to yourself and love yourself.

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Confusion is a state of mind, I agree in every which way with what the article trots out. It is an imbalance of thoughts which leads to a situation where we cannot decide as to what to choose and what not. We are often in a situation when we are in a maze and feel like we are lost. Our thoughts are in disarray and we swing from one decision to the other. I am often confused about various things. My grocery shopping is a mammoth task, I get so muddled up I hardly pick up things and end up doing nothing. Recently I have started following a certain plan which helps me to take through all the confusion and I see the light at the end of this tunnel. What happens is the person cannot stick to one thing and he is distracted by the charm of other things around him or her. This is something common to all, everybody lands up in a confused state sometime or the other. Also, there is no solution to this as such. You just have to focus on things that matter in the present and what value or significance they hold for future. If things look promising for the future and satisfy your needs for the present as well, you can go pursue them. There is absolutely no use to stick to things that are illogical and trivial. You need to clear your mind and have a target. First of all, you must do away with trivial stuff in life, discard what is unnecessary and have something that is required and valuable. At times, you cannot take the pressure, tension and stress of everything around you, so your family and friends can come to your rescue at this point of time. However, the onus rests entirely on you. Ultimately it’s you who have to decide things that will work in your favor. Once you are done with the entire culling process you can rest assured because you will have a clear way ahead of you without any confusions as such. In my life, I have undergone various challenges and phases which were both really good and adverse, I have tasted ups and down like anyone else. Guess what I realized? Life served confusion at every level, every damn level I tell you. I was so frustrated, but then you have to introspect a bit and then brood a little over things so that things become crystal clear and you escape from the world of confusion. If something is really troubles you, you can go take a vacation and clear your confusions later. Most probably you will have a clear mind with no obscurity and you would probably select something really good for yourself without being stressed. Therefore, one must be patient, calm and composed and try to brood over things so that you get a real picture. After having received the actual picture, you can decide things and come out of your confusion zone safely and peacefully.

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