What to Say When Someone Dies?

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What to Say When Someone Dies?

If a close one dies, a lot of support and guidance is given by near and dear ones. Some parts of it are relevant, and some aren't useful. However, have you ever thought of what your words would be to a friend who has just lost a family member? 

It’s not easy but saying something sympathetic is also important to show that you care. Even a small sentence from your side can make them feel content.

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Let us have a look at some pivotal words to tell somebody who's dealing with grief:

#1. Can I hug you?

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A way you can offer your condolence when someone dies is by giving hugs. Sometimes, that is the only comforting way to give your support. Though not everybody needs hugs, mostly do, and you can judge from their body language whether they are in need for one or not depending on the situation. Try imagining a past grieving situation of yours, and think whether you needed a hug at that time or not.

#2. I pray that you don’t lose your utmost strength during this period of loss

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You should give the other person a hint with this statement that they are not alone. And, you would be there for them when required. They can talk to you whenever they feel like or feel down. This is one of the best ways to show empathy. Try it with someone and see how much trust they put into you.

#3.  Would you want to discuss the person you lost?

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It is indeed natural to think that if you ask the aforementioned question, then it would make the griever even sadder. But, sadly, the opposite of it is true. When somebody suffers a loss of someone too close, then they have the departed person on their mind all the time. Hence, it is advisable to talk to them and inquire about the death.

#4. ‘Say Nothing’ rule means WHAT?

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Sometimes it's best to say nothing and just stand by the person who has suffered a loss. Thus, just sit with them, offer a cup of coffee or go for instant walks and let them speak their mind out. That would be the best gift you could give to that person! Let them dominate the conversation. Just imagine how you would felt if somebody did the same to you?

#5. ‘I’d bring you some past over the weekend.’

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This is one example to alter the trending sentence ‘You can let me know if you need anything.' It is a respectable gesture made by people to let the person know they can ask for anything. Such open- ended statements are made because we might not get to know what the sad person may need. Also, some people are new at bearing a loss, so they might not hold the energy to request something over the call. 

Do you know statements which can make the sufferer feel better? Let us know. Comment on the box below to share your views and experiences!
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Just say that you are very sorry for their loss. no amount of words can bring back the person from death. so it is better to say little and express your condolences. 

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