What's the difference between Pulao and Biryani

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There is this misconception amongst people that Pulao and Biryani is one and the same. I still remember this thing that my friend said. She said that Pulao is another name for Veg Biryani. And the moment I heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing. So, all the people with this misconception, remember that Pulao and Biryani are not the same. They are very different.

Let’s take a look at a few things that will clear your misconception.

1. Pulao and Biryani are different:

The main difference between Pulao and Biryani is the preparation method. Pulao is prepared using the absorption method, and Biryani is prepared using the draining method. The spices used also differ a lot. The amount of spices used in Pulao is less compared to that used in Biryani. Generally, spices used while making Biryani is high as it gives a unique taste and rich aroma to it.

2. Origin:

Then makes the Origin part. Some say that Pulao is originated from Biryani whereas some say it is originated in Central Asia. Biryani is said to have originated in West Asia.

3. Preparation technique:

As mentioned above, Pulao is made using the absorption method. This means that while making Pulao, the amount of water or stock used is completely absorbed by rice and vegetables. While, on the other hand, Biryani is made using the draining method. Here, the rice is par-boiled in water and then drained.

4. Layering:

Pulao doesn’t involve any kind of layering. Here, the veggies, meat, and rice are sautéed and then in some water along with spices. Whereas, Biryani is always prepared in layers. The first layer is always for meat or vegetables and the second layer involves fried onions.

5. Use of spices:

As again mentioned above, the spices used to prepare Pulao are less compared to the spices used in Biryani.

6. Cooking duration:

Preparing Biryani involves a lot of time along with patience. It is also cooked on a low flame. While making Pulao doesn’t take much time to get prepared and is also cooked on medium to high flame.

Author’s bio:

The author of the article is a chef and also has hosted many shows. He also has a passion for writing and thus, writes for many magazines and newspaper columns. Mumbai-style Tawa Pulao turns out to be his favourite dish and thus, often keeps cooking different types of Pulao.

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