Who was the First President of America?

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Who was the First President of America?

Undoubtedly, United States has had the best presidents in their history such as the 44th president Barack Obama(2009-2017) who was in praise for his everyday courage. Now, it’s the world renowned real estate developer and television personality, Donald Trump who has occupied the presidential seat as the 45th president! But the question that remains unanswered and mysterious is ‘Who was the first president of America?’. 

We shall solve the mystery for you to calm your brain tank. It was none other than ‘John Hanson’ who got elected as the first US president under the US Constitution.

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We often confuse ourselves with George Washington as the premier president while forgetting that Articles of Confederation, the forerunner to the US constitution also called for a president. The new country was formed in the year 1781 with the adoption of ‘Articles of Confederation.' In the same year, Hanson took to the seat of the president. Eight men were appointed to serve a one-year term as the president under it. Hanson’s duties involved signing of official documents and dealing with correspondence which was a sort of work any president under the US Constitution would not have done and will always avoid.

He found his work quite boring and wished to resign but couldn’t keep in mind his sense of duty towards his country. He loved his country tremendously, and his departure would have left Congress in shatters who chose him for the seat above.

He had joined office when the ‘Revolutionary War’ had just ended. The troops demanded to be paid for their intense work, and there was no money pay. As a consequence, they intimidated to overthrow the present government and place Washington to the throne as a potentate. The congress members ran away, and the government was left with one person to handle that was Hanson. He somehow gained control over the troops and calmed them. With his stable courage, he was able to keep the country together. His one failure could ruin the American history which we read today. The government would have fallen apart and everyone would have bowed to King Washington.

He managed to remove all the foreign troops and their flags from American soil. He also introduced the Treasury Department, the first Secretary of War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department. He led the flight to guarantee the statehood of the Western Territories beyond the Appalachian Mountains that had been controlled by some of the original thirteen colonies.

America’s greatest statesman was also responsible for establishing ‘Thanksgiving Day’ as the fourth Thursday in the month of November. Becoming a president without any stable principles made for the country was a Herculean task for him, yet he did not give up. So, it’s great to read about what a patriotic man did for his country in such a short span whereas president’s in present times serve a term of four years.

The first eight presidents have been forgotten and do not have much mention in the books provided achieving great feats. Hanson played a pivotal role in the development of United States constitutional history as well. Often, he is regarded as forgotten ‘premier ‘ president.

Should such great men hold relevance in our history or not? What do you think? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts with us!

John Hanson

This is incredible! I had fooled myself all my life believing that Mr. Washington was the first president of the United States! but the history talks about something else! Didn't know that articles of Federation also existed. Great article. Very informative!

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