What Kind of Parent are You?

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What Kind of Parent are You?

Parenting doesn't come easy. The type of parenting styles you adopt leaves a powerful impact on your children. Each style has a different kind of take when it comes to protecting kids. 

But can you relate yourself to other types of parents? Do you even believe that different kinds of parent personality exist? Are you aware what type of parent are you?

What Type Of Parent Are You?

#1. Mr./ Ms. Autocrat

These are the ones who assume themselves at par with God! Yes, they can best handle their kid and just gives out stern authority. This parent personality is pretty rigid when it comes to values and morals concerning the family and individual members of the family. For them, their decisions are final. But what such parents don't realize is the fact that they raise troubled brats/ rebels. You are the demanding who isn't at all supportive.

What Type Of Parent Are You?

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For instance, such a parent personality doesn't believe in hearing the kid. The child must be told what's to be done. It's your way or the highway! Period

#2. The Friendly Clan

You are a no-boundary parent. Your kids aren't scared of sharing things with you. You believe in effective communication and good parenting. You trust your children and your coolness makes them friendlier with you. However, it takes time to build that trust on the part of kids to make such parents. You allow open dialogues and expect obedience in place of favorable parenting structure.

For instance, such parents enforce rules but rarely follow them. They don't interfere and let kids become independent.

#3. The Uninvolved Parent

Not to confuse these with the friendly parents. Friendly parenting styles make sure if the kid commits a mistake, he/ she faces punishments. But neglectful parenting personality is damaging for the child's overall character. Such parents raise disruptive children. Due to personal conflicts or occupancies, such parents mishandle kids. Lack of communication worsens the situation even more.

For instance, such parent personality rarely involves in knowing where their kids are or who they are with and neither are they interested in knowing.

What Type Of Parent Are You?

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#4. Supportive Disciplinarians

Such parents are strict and kind of army generals. Kids are scared of them and aren't even allowed to do basic activities. Such parents bother their kids and their friends. Don't be surprised, they even keep a check on their children and their associations.

For instance, such type of parents believe in enforcing and following stringent rules and regulations. They, however, consider child's feelings but also want to ensure that discipline is maintained.

#5. The Newbie Dynasty

These are super parents. They don't believe in traditional parenting techniques and are easy to spot. They even device certain weird and distinct parenting methods.

For instance, such types of parents would never give their kids stale cold milk kept in a yogurt container. Organic food, mineral water, and social media full of their child's appreciation sum up the type.

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#6. Survival Lineage

Such types of parents have no clue what parenting is about. They depend on survival routines and invest no time in discovering the best ways to bring up kids. They do whatever seems easier and somehow manage to make the kids independent. 

For instance, such a parent personality is the one that insists their kid once or twice to behave properly but would walk off if the child doesn't listen.

#7. A Mixed Bag

If parents don't fall in any of the above-mentioned categories, they are a mixed bag. They can be dictators, friendly, neglecting as well as overly protective. You get to witness different types of characters in every other situation. It is like, diverse characteristics packed into one soul!

What Type Of Parent Are You?

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