7 tips for taking stunning pictures on your phone

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7 tips for taking stunning pictures on your phone

With smartphone becoming a trend of the day, these are now being increasingly used for photography. In fact, these have replaced the traditional digital cameras. It is, therefore, necessary that you should know the proper way of clicking beautiful pictures so that your memories remain lively.

1. Get your subject right
People viewing your photos should feel that it was a worthy picture. Always try to take close up if the situation so permits.

2. Get beyond eye level
You should be at the level of the subject otherwise it will feel that there is a gap between you and the subject. If necessary, bend down a little so that the photo seems appropriate and worth viewing.

3. Depth also matters
There is no standard distance at which the camera has to be held. If you feel that holding the phone near to you will bring good results, go for it. Instinct matters more here than technical judgments.

4. Have consideration for the background
The subject should be clear in your shot but if you place the scene or subject in context, the view will get enhanced and sharpened.

5. Divide the frames horizontally and vertically
For better results, you can divide the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally. Some smart phones do it naturally for you.

6. Avoid direct sun
The sun is softer during early morning and evening. You should always avoid direct sunlight while taking a shot.

7. Know the limitations
Smart phone camera always has its limitations. You should always know about the same and plan your strategy accordingly.

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