Are traditions an obstacle in progress?

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Are traditions an obstacle in progress?

Tradition’ means unwritten convictions and customs passed on from era to era, which we as a whole purposely or unconsciously hold fast to in our day to day lives. It is the fabric, which ties us to our progenitors and makes us different from each other. A portion of the finest minutes in our lives is the point at which we maintain the customs of our family, faction or nation. Men have set out their lives for keeping proud traditions and have gotten to be immortal and extraordinary.

Contemplation, thoughts, and values honed for eras meet up to frame a society. The social values rehearsed through eras make a tradition. Contemplations of one era vary from those of the other thus do the values. Along these lines, a contention of two eras is unavoidable. At whatever point another thought tries to declare itself at the expense of something that has been taken after routinely, and the new view cases to be dynamic, we say that tradition is turning into a snag to progress. The main point is whether it is true or not.

Limitations of a tradition

Traditions are so critical in our lives that they may or may not turn into an obstruction in advancement. It sets down rules for basic and even complex decision making. This makes it susceptible to interpretation. Many argue that the rock solid foundations and the drawing of lines by tradition make it difficult for people to think out of the box. Tradition limits them to do many things.

Every culture has a set of practices that have to be obeyed. There are some that are forbidden and punishable. Many great scientists that have tried to defy the traditions have risked their lives. No one believed when it was found that Earth rotates around the sun because according to the tradition, the sun revolved around the earth. Copernicus had to go through a lot of criticism. It became difficult for him to convince people. Such examples show that traditions are a limitation to progress.

It is valid; these were the scourge of Tradition. In India, it resembled the bad habits of Sanskritic society or Brahmanism. Today, through the endeavors of social reformers, scholars, and politicians, these shackles have been snapped perpetually, and man is much more liberated today. The decks have been cleared for progress.

The other perspective

Some may say that traditions hold no significance in the current situation, that they limit the reasoning limit of individuals. In any case, traditions make us distinct. They are vital on the off chance that we need to comprehend our past any better because our present is the aftereffect of the past. Traditions expand our perspectives and improve us. They provide a great viewpoint to our vision for a worldwide town.

A frequently discussed custom is of married lady not being permitted to venture out into this present reality. However, women today have substantiated themselves. They have demonstrated that, alongside being a homemaker, they can likewise be successful professionally. The case of women like Kiran Bedi and Sonia Gandhi are valid examples. All conventions require intermittent redesign, a quest for parity and the agile acknowledgment of progress. Apparently, on the off chance that we remain established in the old custom, we will undoubtedly endure. We, being the most powerful animals on earth, have the onus to retain the best from conventions we have acquired it to our benefit.

The convention of holding the flag high notwithstanding foe has made numerous little men immortal. These men did not reconsider, before setting out their lives maintaining this custom. Their demonstration of dauntlessness has on occasion changed the course of fight and even History


Traditions run parallel to progress. It is the maze of our advancement. Not the slightest bit do they restrain each other's development for both are procedures that must be conveyed forward. Like never before it is essential today to think back. The common defects must be weeded, not savagely but rather with sensitivity. The rate of progress needs to bargain with the tolerating estimations of the past. On the off chance that the social mores are lost, we should get to be rootless. Where tradition is a deterrent, it must be evacuated, however not by betraying it wholesale.

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