Best Travel Apps for iOS and Android Users in 2018

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Are you are planning to go to a vacation on a solo trip and want to explore the world? If yes, then there are few things which you might want to make sure that they are on your phone. There are some travel apps which you should download on your phone for all of your travel needs.  Most of these are available for both, Apple as well as Android smartphones. These apps are highly useful for international as well as domestic travelling and range from trip organizers to bookings and people from around the world can get benefits from these travel and tourism mobile apps whenever they plan to travel.

So many popular travel companies are now looking to Hire App Developer so that they can also continue providing their travel related services to the modern smartphone users. The best travel apps work in real time and remain connected with you on the go. These apps not only deliver information but also advice, insights, tips and warnings. For example, say you are planning a trip and the price of a hotel suddenly crashes. You will want a quick notification for that. Take another example, say you are on a long drive and road is closed up ahead. If you get an alert on your phone much before that you can reroute your travel. 

From the time you start thinking about your next travel destination to the moment when you reach home back safely, good travel apps can make the whole travel experience smoother and exciting. In this article, we will be discussing about the travel apps which serve a specific niche or those which are excellent in this space, doesn’t matter whether they are popular or not.


Airbnb is the best example where a mobile app creator built an amazing travel app. Airbnb best connects the travelers with the people or services which have rooms, apartments, homes or other accommodations for rent including boats, tree houses, trailers etc. Airbnb has so many options for you doesn’t matter whether you need a short term vacation spot or a place to stay for a month-long. Good thing is that Airbnb has so many options around the world. In some of the locations, other than the rooms, Airbnb also provide information about classes, tours, workshops and excursions. For some areas, it can also help you to book a restaurant too.

Google Trips

Google Trips app basically scans through your trip related information and compiles with the help of many Google services. You must have seen your flight and hotel bookings show up on Google Now. Similarly, Google trips extracts that information from Gmail. It also uses Google’s already robust Maps to show the attractions and restaurants nearby you. Its feature can give you itinerary for the rest of the day if you want to. Google Trips is a small and clean app to help keep travel information together. This information is highly reliable similar to the one you find on Google maps. For larger cities it has more well defined things to do and places to travel. This app use Google’s Local Guide program so that the information is as much accurate as possible.


For your information GetGuide Travel App  is a product of travel app development by Xicom Inc, which is a famous app development company. So many people around the world give so much important to travelling.  But many of them make some mistakes also about their travel destinations and end up spending lots of money as they have chosen a wrong destination for travel. These people can use the GetGuide travel app to make it easy and smooth to choose a cheap and appropriate destination for your holidays based on real-time facts and figures.  GetGuide is trying to make your travel as easy as possible. This app helps travelers from across the world to travel and plan well on their vacation.  It provides all of its clients with a budget on their traveling cost with focus on keeping both quality and quantity.  They provide you the vacation destination which aligns with your budget, personal needs, primary purpose, and specific country or continent. They have agents from different parts of the world, who help to plan your travel.  GetGuide provides you a trip itinerary including a variety of destinations, flight details, accommodation and transfer. It also provides health advice about all destinations as well as safety instructions.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is not a new kid on the block. Rather it is an old, famous and trusted source to plan travel to any part of the world. They have books and websites for that and now they have their mobile app too. People can use it to get insights on what to see and do when they travel. This app also has amazing photos and provides best information for travelling. Lonely Planet provides insight and advice, as well as travel experiences people can use and then book through third parties.


TripAdvisor is one of the most popular and best online source for travellers. It provides in-depth reviews of hotels, restaurants and sites to see. Other travellers can also upload photos which are often highly helpful for the new travellers for getting a glimpse of a place from an unbiased point of view. TripAdvisor is best also because of its richest resource which you can use and also because it has a huge and active community which guides people for range of their questions and issues.

We have just discussed about the highly useful travel apps which can make your experience of travelling and staying at a particular place as your most enjoying and relaxing experience. You can find these apps for Android as well as iOS platforms. By using these apps, you will find that planning of your travel has become much easier and interactive and you can get notifications about your travel itinerary much faster so that you can change your plans accordingly if needed.

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