Bluedriver: The Best OBD2 app for iOS and Android

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Bluedriver: The Best OBD2 app for iOS and Android


There are a lot of OBD2 scanner apps available for iOS and Android, but the best one available is the Bluedriver app. This app is packed with a bunch of useful features and works well. Read on to learn everything that this app has to offer.

This app can do a variety of things. We will take an in-depth look at each significant thing below, but the key ones are

•    Code Reading
•    Reports
•    User Friendliness

Code Reading

The whole point of an OBD2 scanner is to be able to read the codes that the cars computer is putting out. This is especially important to be able to do when the check engine light comes on. Well, the Bluedriver app does this well. It can scan for trouble codes and then once you have the code it can clear them. On top of being able to read codes though, you can search the app to see what the code means. This saves you from having to google it later or from having to switch out of the app.

Similar to the code reading, which is why we include it here, this app can check other systems of the vehicle. One of the other none code reading checks that this app can perform is a smog readiness check. This test will make sure that your car is not emitting too much carbon dioxide into the air. This is a useful test to be able to run, especially if you live in a state that has carbon emission laws.

It can also do other advanced diagnostic checks. This includes things such as the airbag, transmission, and other systems in your car. Being able to do all these added checks with this app makes it serve multiple purposes. This allows you to make sure everything is running smoothly with your car. Which is important because preventative care is way better than getting caught off guard with something breaking on you.\

Read more about Bluedriver Professional Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool here.


Outside of being able to scan for codes and check other systems, the Bluedriver app can also run reports. This means that it can store data and then display it in a way that makes it easy to read. It can track data such as how much power is coming off the engine and then put it in an easy-to-read graph. Using Mode 6, this app can do all kinds of onboard monitoring. All you have to do is leave the OBD2 scanner plugged in while you drive. It will collect and store the data and sync it with the app when you turn it on.

Since the app can continuously monitor things, you can look at freeze frame data. This means that you can specify one point in time and see the information that was given off at that time. This is useful because if you think something went wrong at a particular time, you can check into it. You can check the data and see if you had any performance drop-offs or indications of something going wrong.

The last report feature that happens to be the most important is the repair reports. This will tell you not only the code that is being put off but also the top repair option for that code. The repair information is given based off of the make, model, and year of the car, so you will have the most useful and accurate information possible. It will also prioritize the codes so that they can be repaired in order of most important ones first.

User Friendliness

Lastly, when it comes to using the Bluedriver app, it is easy for everyone to figure out. It is laid out well, and everything you need is easy to find on the screen. You don’t have to dig thru a lot of menus to get what you want to get too.

Also, the app is completely wire free to use with your OBD2 scanner. This means that you don’t have to worry about connecting your device to the scanner or having cords everywhere.

The data is also given in imperial or metric. This is nice because you don’t have to get used to a system that you don’t understand. Lastly, to go with the user-friendliness of the app is that you can use the app anywhere. You can even install it on multiple devices.


The Bluedriver app is compatible with all vehicles made from 1996 and forward assuming that they have an OBD2 port. For European and Asian cars the requirement to have a port was not added till later, so if you have a foreign car it might not have the OBD2 port to connect the device too. If it does not have the port, then the app will not work. It even works with diesel trucks. The only requirement is that the car has to have an OBD2 port. It has the protocols to read American made cars as well as foreign made cars.

The app works for both Android and IOS. For Android, you need Android 4.0.3 or newer, and which can be on a phone or tablet. For IOS you need version 8.0 or a newer version and the app can be installed on iPhones, IPads, or even iPod Touches.

As for OBD2 scanners that the app works with. It only works with special Bluedriver OBD2 scanners. This means that any other third party scanners will not work with this app. The app is free to install once you have a scanner, however.

The pros of the Bluedriver app is that

•    App is versatile for a lot of purposes.
•    Repair reports to help fix the problem based on the code.
•    The repair report is specific to your car.
•    App runs continuous diagnostics to monitor vehicle.
•    App continually updated to make sure it works with all vehicles.

The downside with this app is that

•    Have to have a Bluedriver OBD2 scanner.
•    Have to wait for updates for new cars.
•    Won't work with older devices.


As for other apps available there are a few alternatives. The alternatives are Torque Pro and OBD Auto Doctor. We have created a comparison table to help you see the differences.


Torque Pro

OBD Auto Doctor






Bluedriver scanner

Most (ELM327) scanners but check compatibility

Most (ELM327) scanners but check compatibility

Code Reading

Yes – All Vehicles 1996 or newer as long as have OBD2 port

Yes – Most Vehicles 2000s or newer with most 1996 US cars. Some issues with foreign cars and diesels.

Yes – Most Vehicles 2000s or newer with most 1996 US cars. Some issues with foreign cars and diesels.

Other Features

Yes – Full Continuous Reporting

Yes – Full Continuous Reporting

Yes – Full Continuous Reporting

Both other options provide full scanning and work on most vehicles. They aren't as reliable as Bluedriver, but still work on most common cars. The one nice thing about the other apps is that they work with most ELM327 scanners, so you don't have to buy a special scanner to use the app.

Who is it For?

So, now that you have all the information, who is Bluedriver app for? Well, the answer is anyone. This app is easy enough to use that a novice do it yourself person can get benefit from it, but also powerful enough that any shop can use it as well. The app is packed with as many features as you need. As your mechanical experience grows, so will your ability to get the most out of this app.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Bluedriver app is a complete OBD2 app available. It is the most reliable. This means it will work with your vehicle, but also it means that it will work with any device you try to pair it with. No matter if you switch from Android or IOS you won’t have to worry about getting a new scanner. While other apps may do similar things, they aren’t as reliable and still are costly. If you are spending the money on an app and scanner combo, then you should get the best one to start with, and that is the Bluedriver app and OBD2 scanner.

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