Can Dogs eat Tomatoes?

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Can Dogs eat Tomatoes?

Canines are the best animals one can pet for their loyalty towards their master when uncalculated love is bestowed upon them. Such are times when you feel like pampering your dog for just no reason! So what do you feed your pawed friend for the love they shower on you?

Many pet lovers indulge in tomatoes as dog's treat for displaying good behavior at times. But is it safe for dogs to feed on tomatoes? Although the vegetable is the most loved one in every household, is it safe for dogs to eat? Well, let's find out! 

Tomato is said to be both fruit and vegetable which forms an integral part of our daily food basket due to its juicy nature. And, dogs are pets who want to eat everything that they get to see on your plate. And, the answer to the question is pretty certain. I'm sure you must have guessed it till now. Haven't you? Yes, they can eat tomatoes just like other vegetables depending on how the tomatoes are. However, the only thing you need to be tensed about is the excessive levels of 'Tomatine' that a tomato plant contains.

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Tomatine is harmful to dogs and for humans as well. Although, the fruit/vegetable contains levels of tomatine which may pose a threat to health, limited intake of the same is safe for consumption.

Nutrition experts iterate that tomatoes are vegetables that are nutrients filled and contain a humungous amount of minerals such as folate, chromium, and potassium. They have low calories, are high in fiber and imbibe carotenoids lycopene and beta-carotene in huge amounts which fight off diseases. Not just that, they even serve as anti-oxidant vitamins: specifically, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin C packed.  Also, they

Let us understand, 'How can tomatoes contribute to health?'

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Let us look at some of the benefits:

#1. Lycopene: It reduces heart risks such as heart disease and strokes. It promotes strong and healthy bones which help in preventing cancer.

#2. Beta-carotene: It shreds off metabolic syndrome and leads to cognition improvement.

#3.  Vitamin C:  It prevents from cardiovascular disease and leads to the improvisation of the immune response.

#4. Potassium: It leads to the promotion of healthy blood pressure, nerves, and muscles.

#5. Vitamin A:  It helps in giving good eyesight.

#6. Fiber: It promotes healthy digestion.

#7. Vitamin A and C together:  It promotes faster wound healing and maintains healthy skin.

So, again we come to the same question, 'Are tomatoes good for dogs?' The answer is Yes and No BOTH.

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We know tomato plant leaves, stems, roots and immature green tomatoes are harmful to dogs.  Nonetheless, ripe, red and mature tomatoes have a good amount of nutrients and health benefits and are good enough to offer to your canine over and again to make them happy. Always remember one thing,  don't let your dog eat ripe tomatoes before peeling off the skin or washing it properly with a vegetable washing solution. Thus, act wiser while feeding your dog!

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