Can we literally prevent Ageing ?

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Can we literally prevent Ageing ?

We all were born as a small baby, grow up, become aged and finally one day attain the holy destiny. This is natural. There is a saying “Time and tide will wait for no man”. How true is this! We cannot stop time. So is the growing up process and of course, “aging”!!!

But what is it that we could do? We can remain young at heart and take good care of our skin and body. And with the ageing process being active in all living things, it would be a great fight against nature. Still, there are people who remain young and active even after crossing 100-year benchmark.

First and foremost one is our body parts. Just like a costly luxurious car losing its spare parts with time, our organs to start becoming weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is essential that we take good care of the system parts, take healthy foods with enough water to eradicate the toxins that could accumulate in the body and become troublesome in the near future. Say “NO” to illicit liquor, cigars, and anything that is bad for our good health.

Next is our skin, as we age, our skin loses the moisture content and so, it is essential to go in for an oil massage twice daily before the bath in the morning and to sleep in the night with natural essential oils There is no cream or lotion that could beat the natural oils that are available in plenty and comparatively, oils are cheaper too.

Take bath with a good moisturizing soap so as to retain the oil that we had applied before the bath.

Early morning and evening walks are very much important for the skin and the bones. Exercise properly and do yoga to maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as these are the two culprits that could damage our body.

Just like our age cannot be stopped or controlled, the ageing process happening inside the body cannot be controlled either, but with utmost discipline and following a healthy lifestyle, can do wonders to our body.

We could proudly say that we are ageing gracefully, even though the ageing process literally cannot be prevented!!!     

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No,  we Can not literally prevent Ageing but we can take care of getting old earlier by maintaing our skin in a good way.

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