Do You Know The Difference Between A Windows Phone & An Android Phone?

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Do You Know The Difference Between A Windows Phone & An Android Phone?

If you already own a smartphone or are planning to buy one soon, let us guide you through. Don’t make a hasty decision, rather browse through certain mandatory features that your phone needs to have. Presently, Android dominates the smartphone market, even more than Apple followed by Windows. Although Windows has been growing in popularity with its recent features, Android still holds to its number 1 position.

There are some important features one need to keep in mind while making the purchase. We are listing a few differences between a Windows Phone and the Android OS which hopefully will help you in making the right decision. Make sure your impulse doesn't push you to invest in the phone basis the looks or the number of currency notes shedding out of your pockets. Make a wise and careful decision.

#1. Licensing

Licensing is one of the most striking difference between Android and Windows. Whereas Android is an open source software with a Linux-based core, one needs to pay to use a Windows Phone and Windows Mobile on their devices. It is a proprietary software and belongs to Microsoft. Windows Mobile 10 is the latest released version available since 2015 and can be used by the mobile manufacturer. Some of the popular manufacturers are HTC, LG, Samsung, and Nokia. Capturing a huge market, Android, now has been supported by HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony (Xperia), Samsung, and Google (Nexus).

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#2. Applications 

Applications have become the main concern for mobile phone users these days. The first thing they compare is the availability of numerous applications. Apps help the user to have a better and enjoyable experience. There are thousands of apps to choose from on both Windows and Android smartphones. It’s up to the user’s choice to pick the apps that give them a great gaming experience or pick weather, fitness, news, pricing, diet or any music apps. The apps are categorized into trending and most used. Some apps are free, and others are paid. To make a comparison, at present, Google Play Store has more number of apps than Windows.

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#3. Differences in Software

Windows and Android phones both run on very different Operating Systems. They are constantly evolving and keep changing with an aim to become more efficient, more powerful and more user-friendly.

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#4. Visible Differences

For a fair comparison, it is advisable to compare both the phones manually and find for yourself. When powered in, the display screen of a Windows phone has unique features. The phone features tiles in place of the conventional icons or block squares. In case you are looking for a change, then pick a Windows phone. Although the looks of a Windows phone is to die for, it takes time for a user to get used to the process of using these icons. The user interface is quite different and will require patience to learn.

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#5. Game and App Development

Android allows not only manufacturers but the developers also to create content for Android phones professionally or as a hobby. Anyone can create and develop apps, games, and other sorts of content or an Android phone or tablet. On the other hand, Windows is quite rigid about the available set of apps and programs. Google Play Services have a wide range of apps and games to gorge in. The users have access to download free or paid versions of these apps depending on their usability.

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Which phone do you own? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Android Phones are my all-time favorite. I think they are the ‘smartphones,’ instead of Window Phones. I had been using Windows Phones for a very long time. This is the first time, I bought Android and I think they are undoubtedly the best. An Android phone has more specifications as compared to the Windows. We can download more customized apps in it. I have faced many problems in my Windows Phones and it didn’t have customizable app locks. We cannot change the outlook in Windows phones except for the tile color. Whereas, on the Android, it is possible. Android Phones can be rooted to unlock many other customizable apps which cannot be found outside Android Phones.

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