Why do most blogs fail to generate income?

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Why do most blogs fail to generate income?

Many people are striving hard to build blogs that make money but their endeavors are not delivering the desired results. First of all, you need to realize that blogging is an art to be learned and practiced. It can be described as the backbone of content marketing and you should learn how to write captivating and inspiring blogs to catch the attention of the visitors. Here are the most important reasons why most blogs fail to generate enough income:

Failing to design a content creation strategy that delivers high traffic 
If you want to earn money with blogging, you have to know how to drive traffic to your blog. If visitors are not coming to your site, they will not understand who you are. In such a situation, the importance of creating top quality content assumes an importance of paramount.

If you want to generate money, you need visitors and if you want to increase the number of visitors, you need to be updated, innovative and superior contents that help you connect with the visitors. It is always advisable to post informative and creative content that makes a captivating impact on both search engines and humans as well.  

Portraying yourself as a sales person; not as a consultant 
Many bloggers ask visitors to purchase their products directly through their blog. When you do so, you are acting like a boring sales representative and this approach does not deliver the desired results. You should behave like a consultant and as a solution provider or a problem solver as well.

Visitors always want to find solutions to their problems and bloggers must provide the right solutions to the problems of the visitors with the help of their blog posts. Such a method of approach creates an impression that you are an authority in a specific niche and such a situation, people become more attentive to your sales messages. 

Underestimating the rule of reciprocity
You cannot guarantee optimal results by posting superior content alone because a large number of bloggers are following this practice today. You must also make use of the unlimited potential of video marketing to stand tall among the competitors and it is always advisable to create educational videos that offer true value to the visitors.

When visitors hear and see your content, you become successful in developing a long lasting impression and, quite naturally, the process of generating traffic becomes hassle free. We all have a human need to reciprocate and if you provide information free of cost, your prospects become excited to reciprocate to your messages positively. Smart bloggers always exploit the rule of reciprocity to make money.

Prime focus becomes money making during the beginning stages 
Many fresh bloggers think of making money by trying too hard without giving proper attention to building relationships with visitors. First of all, you should build trust without worrying about making money. You need to understand that majority of the income that successful bloggers make usually does not come from their blogs directly.

Smart people use their blogs as springboards to launch other projects that deliver substantial income. The key is to utilize blogging as a platform for branding yourself and when you become successful in it, generating income becomes an uncomplicated process.

Undermining the huge potential of social media marketing
Are you selling your products/services or promoting other people’s products/services?
In both cases, you should make use of the huge potential of social media marketing. When your social media followers grow, you will get increased amount of engagement and clicks. That is exactly where the importance of learning how to market your blogs on leading social media networking sites, comes in. 

When you manage to establish your social media communities, you can generate good amount of traffic to your blog. The first step is to find out your target readers and depending on this information; you must select social media sites that go in complete harmony with your unique marketing requirements.

If you plan to generate money through blogging, you must have clear cut idea about all these important aspects. Everybody cannot become a musical genius because inborn talent is out you do not need any special or inborn writing or marketing skills to become a popular and successful blogger.

At the same time; you definitely should have the patience to work harder and the most suitable strategy should be developed based on your exclusive requirements.


Having your own blog or website is an expensive matter especially for Indians. And blogs through google or any other social network like Facebook or LinkedIn don't sell or generate money.

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