Everything You Need to Know About Dog Weight Vests

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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Weight Vests

Many of us are very familiar with the newer innovations for working out and exercising. One of them is the use of weighted vests, which are commonly done to supplement cardiovascular workouts.  Weighted vests can also add variety to an otherwise lackluster workout regimen.

The idea of weighted vests for humans can actually be applied to animals as well, particularly to dogs. It may be quite a bothersome sight for some to be strapping on a weighted vest on their beloved pet, but there are benefits to adding this contraption to your dog’s daily routine.

If you happen to be familiar about weighted vests being used for a dog, but remain on the fence about it, this article will hopefully shed light on the matter.  Information is power, and your beloved K9 deserves nothing but the best.

Weighted Vests for Improved Muscle and Cardiovascular Performance

Just like humans, the benefit that dogs can get from using a dog weight vest come in the form of increased muscular and cardiovascular performance. Because the weight of the vest adds more weight onto your dog, your precious K9 will be forced to push a little harder during his activities, which in turn, helps him build a more natural muscular tone.

Exercise is important for dogs, which is why they need to be walked regularly. However, there might be days such as bad weather or a loving master may not be able to find time to walk his beloved K9, this can then lead to a prolonged period of inactivity. When this lapse in physical exercise occurs, the use of the weighted vest can help in building the muscles that may have been affected from the lengthy time off.

Dogs are still wolves by ancestry, which means that having a generous amount of activity is needed in order for them to not become restless. The weighted vest can be a good answer for this problem too, as it essentially requires the dog to exert more effort than normal, which makes for a great absorption of K9 energy.

Weighted Vests Help Relieve Your Dog from Too Much Stress

A generous amount of exercise may be required for a dog’s long-term health, but some dogs require a bigger amount of exercise and more endorphins. Having a lack of it can build up to a more stressful situation for them, which can lead to physical manifestations and dire temperamental consequences, at worst.

As was stated before, the use of the weighted vest increases the intensity of the dog’s exercise, which means they exert more effort. The more effort they exert, the more endorphins are excreted, just like how we human beings are after a good, solid workout session.

Continuous rigorous exercises for a dog can help tremendously in the long run, particularly with how the dog interacts with humans and other dogs as well. The boost in endorphins, for one, leads to better brain function, which then normalizes their overall mood and temperament. And we all know that a happy dog is one that is a lot more fun to be around with.

Weighted Vests Can Help Deal with a Dog’s Bad Behavior

Few dog owners know this, but a dog’s bad behavior can be highly correlated to lack of exercise. Apart from the build up of stress that was previously mentioned from lack of exercise, lack of exercise can also cause a dog to become overly aggressive and destructive, which can result to property damage or even worse, people being bit by the dog.

An overly aggressive and agitated dog can be seen chewing on pieces of furniture and destroying shoes around the house. This usually means that the dog is under-stimulated or that the lack of physical activity that the dog requires on a daily basis is taking a negative behavioral effect.

Similar to the previous item, the use of a weighted vest on a dog while it exercises boosts the endorphins, which also lessens the aggressive behavior. Take this into consideration, especially if you own a dog of a wilder breed such as a Rottweiler or a Pit bull.  A weighted vest for these types of hyper active breeds can normalize their mood and lessen the headaches that are usually associated with these kind of breeds.

The Adverse Effect of Using a Weighted Vest on a Dog

On the flipside, there is also a negative effect from using a weighted vest for dogs, and it is mostly related to its bones and joints. Because of the added weight on their bodies, particularly on their spine, dogs can encounter problems on their bones and joints in the future, especially those who are more advanced in age.

Older dogs have a more fragile bone structure compared to their younger counterparts, and this is one issue that you may want to consider. However, if you insist on using a weighted vest for your dog, it would, of course be ideal to pick one that is of proper weight.

The Proper Use of Weighted Vest on Dogs

Dogs may have a high threshold of energy, but it is also wise not to overwork their bodies. Burning too much weight may lead to them becoming too malnourished, as they also need those extra pounds to live a normal and healthy life.  Remember, some fat is good fat.

If you want just the right amount of muscle tone on your dog, experts say that daily exercise should only be up to a half an hour long. Many dog owners have even decided to cut this time in half and avoid any health repercussions from way too much exercise. A weighted vest for a dog could be a great solution for those dog owners who just can't find enough time in their schedules to properly exercise their K9 buddies. The weighted dog vest offers a great solution to for missed workout time with a more short but intense K9 workout for that special 4 legged friend in your life.

Please remember to determine if your dog can handle the weighted vest based on your dog’s age and breed. Rightfully, weighted dog vests are not advisable for smaller ones, but the more muscle-bound breeds will benefit from it.

It is understandable to want the best for our pets, similar to how parents do with their own children. But if you feel you are not that informed about weighted vests yet, it would be best to seek the expert advice of a veterinarian.  Weighted dog vests are an overall great option for the longevity and overall health of many active breeds.

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