21 Famous Celebrities Who have Been Absolute Jerks In Real Life

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21 Famous Celebrities Who have Been Absolute Jerks In Real Life

Being known for their talent and powerhouse personalities there has been a list of famous people who didn't translate the same way in reality! Climbing up to the top stairs, they went from sensible to vicious.

Let's take a look at who they are!

#1. Natalia Kills

Being arrogant is one thing but being offensive and insulting people is another. Natalia has ruined her career potential by being so domineering (along with her husband) for one or the other reasons.

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#2. Jeffrey Jones

Being a recognized and talented actor, Jeffery too has been accused of something dreadful - child pornography. He has been busted twice for the same.

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#3. John Lennon

Even after a terrific career, John Lennon was termed as a douchebag! He was an abusive husband & father, a homophobe, a racist and not that good as a person behind the scenes.

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#4. Dr Seuss

Wanting to be an erotic fiction novelist Theodor Seuss Geisel failed to live up to his career and later cheated on his wife (being married for almost 40 years) for someone younger than him. This ultimately resulted in his ill wife to commit suicide.

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#5. Michael Jordan

Being a retired (and renowned) professional basketball player, MJ has had his share of insulting people and injuring their love for him. From demanding money in favor of autographs to ruining a fellow player's career, he did it all.

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#6. Henry Ford

Being a genius for inventing the first affordable automobile for the middle-class families along with being a witty fighter, Henry Ford was an inspiration for Hitler. And one would probably be anything far more clever than the dictator himself to whom Hitler wanted to be influenced from.

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#7. Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page was one of the iconic rock legends of his time, a party animal along with being a sex machine! For almost three years, he was in an intimate relationship with a girl (Lori Maddox) who had hardly hit her puberty. Finding this to be illegal, Jimmy dumped Lori for a woman he could legally indulge with. 

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#8. Sean Penn

Sean Penn married the woman of everyone's dream, Madonna. They could have been Hollywood’s biggest couple but Sean ended up being a violent drunkard who broke into Madonna’s house and tortured her (mentally and physically) for hours. The incident is less talked about because Madonna withdrew the whole ordeal to avoid media.

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#9. Justin Beiber

From being a popular singing sensation to peeing in buckets, spitting on bystanders, and paparazzi fights, the bad boy has shelled out all the stupid moments.

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#10. Lawrence Tierney

At a time when Hollywood indulgence was at its peak, Lawrence was out of it. He was cranky, disorderly, lost several jobs, threatened people, and was an extreme drunkard.

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#11. Charlie Sheen

Charlie from Two And A Half Men was termed as a self-destructive actor who also was a sick addict deteriorating on a mental and physical level. He despised even those who tried helping him.

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#12. Macaulay Culkin

Being a drug addict and even facing close to death situations, the home alone star went on a downhill when he got no significant projects even after attaining an unprecedented stardom & success at a younger age.

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#13. Mario Balotelli

He's a famous football player but least do people know that his carelessness compromised his promising career. He has been really unmanageable to be with.

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#14. Jennifer Lopez

This high profile celebrity has been known for her never ending talent but is also said to be really ignorant towards her staff. It is only through her assistant that Lopez communicates with rest of them.

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#15. Britney Spears

Her fans get what they pay for. In one of her shows in Las Vegas, the fans paid around $2,500 for a VIP meet-and-greet where they weren't allowed to hug or touch Britney, get no gifts for her. Just smile, take a photo and goodbye. She barely spoke to anyone.

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#16. Cameron Diaz

For her, no means no! Cameron has had a history of neglecting her fans upon asking for autographs and once even refused and lectured them. She said, "If I did it for you, I’d have to do it for everyone else too."

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(Image Courtesy:  Closer Weekly)

#17. Madonna

There has been no celeb who behaved like a total idiot amongst their fans or otherwise. Madonna is also one of them. At a stage show in the year 2012, she called up one of her fans and scolded them for not knowing the lyrics to one of the songs the fan was asked to sing. 

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#18. Ariana Grande

She hates Americans. She hates America (the statement was said by Ariana for her US fanbase). If this isn't enough, then according to one of the rumors spread before going on on a Meet-and-Greet session she literally said, "I hope they (her fans) all die.”

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#19. Kayne West

During a concert in the year 2014, Kayne didn't continue with his show until he got the confirmation about one of the people being handicapped. He wanted the entire crowd to stand and one of them couldn't so he halted the show! What A fool!

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#20. Julia Roberts

This not so sweet lady has been known to treat her subordinates with little/no respect. From throwing away costumes to bullying her half sister (to such level that she committed suicide) and being rude with reporters, Julia pounces at anyone who comes across her.

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#21. Lindsay Lohan

She's been crowned by many as the original Mean Girl. Lindsay is well known for her iconic temper tantrums. She is also skilled at manipulating others to get whatever she wants. Lindsay's entire career is saturated with multiple charges against her.

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