5 Hacks To Generate Website Traffic On Instagram

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5 Hacks To Generate Website Traffic On Instagram

Instagram is the new cool thing in town, and it is here to stay for a long time. From celebrities to business owners, everyone is roping in followers to their Instagram. Given that the only clickable link that you can put on the account is the profile page makes it a tad bit difficult for marketers to rope in traffic. Nevertheless, if you are an emerging or established brand, it is integral that you have an updated account on Instagram and make use of the techniques given below to drive maximum traffic to your website page.

#1. Share blog post:

Blog posts are probably the most interesting thing about every website in the eyes of a random person, and they give an insight about the creativity of the minds behind the actual brand. It is important that you share all your blog posts on Instagram. You can proceed by adding an image that best describes your post with the title of it and put the link of the blog on your Instagram profile. It is important that you share all your blog posts on Instagram and make them look not just appealing but also insert enough information to show what your post is about. This will evoke the interest of the users.

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#2. Put link in bio

It is absolutely essential to put your website link in the bio of your Instagram account. This is one of the most recommended and useful way to allow maximum engagement on your website. It requires the least amount of work and is also very easy for the other person to click and directly head to your website.

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#3. Increase  number of posts

Instagram is flooded with posts all the time, and one single post does not get a lot of visibility. It is important to note that to allow people to see your posts and your account, you need to increase the frequency of your posts. The more it will reflect, the more consumers are bound to see it.

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#4. Run an ad campaign

Another good way to gain the attention of the customers is by runing an ad campaign. They differ from organic posts and are clickable. By clicking on the ad, the user will directly end up on your website or whatever web page you choose for them to go to. 

(Image Courtesy: AdEspresso)

#5. Instagram stories

This option can also be put to good use, unlike organic posts. Organic posts are linkable if your account is a verified one. This can also be very useful to drive customers to your website and showcase your products and services.

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#6. Use Call to Actions effectively

A call to action can be a part of any appealing picture that you add to your Instagram account.Put an image that you think is best of the lot and add a variety of relevant hashtag as more of such trending hashtags would make your post go viral among a greater majority of people. Use links to action such as 'click the link in the bio' with all your post which would mean that the person scrolling through their Instagram who likes your image would check out your profile and click on the link that would take them straight to your website. This is easy to do and an effective way to rope in more traffic.

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Do you make use of your Instagram account to rake in traffic to your website? If yes, what methods do you use? Let us know using the comment box given below.

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