How colour affects the mood?

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How colour affects the mood?

The color of the dress we are wearing affects our mood, stress and the way we behave. Here is a color guide.


Green is restful for your eyes. People who use a laptop too much should use green color more.


Red is the color of blood and passion. Women can wear this during dating. Red promotes the pulse, blood circulation and raises blood pressure. It is not suitable for the emotionally unstable person. Red is a powerful color and sometimes can be aggressive.


Yellow promotes concentration. It purifies the body. It is the color of confidence.


Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain. It is a color of enthusiasm. Orange is a mix of Red's passion and yellow's joy. Orange symbolizes sacrifice. It promotes appetite.


Pink represents feminine energy and is soothing.


Blue is calming and relaxing. It elicits trust. Women like men wearing blue color. Blue is a less appetizing color. A blue plate may cause you to eat less.


Gray causes lack of energy.


Brown gives you a feeling of strength.


Purple attracts attention.

Our living rooms should be in intensive colors like Orange.

The kitchen is a room of action. Red color won't stand there. Colour of the kitchen should be yellow. Yellow calm's down the energy of fire.

The bathroom is a room where we relax. So it should be blue, green or yellow in color.

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