How could you lose weight, without going to gym or lifting weight?

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How could you lose weight, without going to gym or lifting weight?

Here are 3 step guide for you to lose weight, which does not require you to go to Gym or lift weight!

1 Change your food intake

My personal best weight loss diet is what I call LCHPHF Diet. - Low Carb, High Protein, and High Fiber Diet. By Dieting, you do not need to “Reduce” your food intake, just need to ensure that you “Change” the type of food you are eating. 

  1. Reduce Carbs: By reducing/avoiding carbs, you starve your body of energy in form of calories. So the body has no option but to start burning stored fat.
  2. Increase Protein: Protein in energy negative, means your body has to burn more calories to digest it, compared to what it gains from it. It also ensured that your stomach feels full and you do not starve for food.
  3. Increase Fibers: Fibers ensures that higher protein gets digested. It also supplements the vital vitamins that your body needs.

2. Start simple Body-weight Strengthening

Body-weight Strengthening exercises do not involve any Gym Equipment or extra weight. All you need probably is a Yoga Mat and get started.

Below is list of best Body-weight strengthening exercises

  1. Upper Body: Push-ups, Dips, Pull-ups.
  2. For Stronger Core: Plank, Full Plank, Side Planks, Glut Bridge, Back Extension.
  3. Legs Muscles: Squats, Walking Lunges, Single Legged Squats, Leg Extension.
  4. Calf Muscles: Calf Raises, Single Leg Calf Raises.
  5. Abs: Leg raises, Crunches, Bicycle Crunches.

3. Start Simple Cardio Exercises

What I have not mentioned yet is one of the most important muscles in your body. Your HEART, who does the thankless job of working without stopping for you. In countries like India, lot of people today suffers from heart ailments. And the best way to escape is – Prevention! 

Simple but regular Cardio exercises help you to achieve that. It makes the heart stronger. When you do cardio exercises for the long duration, your heart increases in size, pumps more blood, develops sub-artilleries and removes blockages or stops from occurring altogether. 

You can include any of these Cardio exercises in your exercise regime: Jogging, Stairs Climbing, Cycling, Swimming, or Brisk walking. 

Hope this was helpful.

Love, - Rachel Xavier, Blogger

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