How Can I Lose Weight - Lost Money in Bunch of Medicines

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My name is Lisa. I am 24 years old but I look elder than my age because of my weight which is 240 pounds. I did so many efforts to get rid of obesity. I wasted a lot of money on different expensive medicines but it didn’t work for me.

I don’t know how people lose weight by the help of different medications because I don’t even lose a single pound by using a bunch of expensive medicines. Instead, it affected my health in a bad way. I am facing serious health issues because of the usage of fake or generic medicines. Now I realized that it is just a wastage of money and injurious to health. But I still want to get in shape like normal girls of my age without wasting money on medicines. I don’t want to play with my life anymore by taking useless Wight loss medicines.

I want to ask how can I get a perfect figure by doing different natural home remedies or suggest me any healthy diet plan with simple exercise or really quality pharma high potential medicines which should help me out to get rid of obesity.

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To lose weight quickly, my personal best weight loss diet is what I call LCHPHF Diet. Its nothing but Low Carb, High Protein, and High Fiber Diet. Simple, isn’t it?

By Dieting, you do not need to “Reduce” your food intake, just need to ensure that you “Change” the type of food you are eating.

  1. Reduce Carbs: By reducing carbs, you starve your body of energy in form of calories. So the body has no option but to start burning stored fat.
  2. Increase Protein: Protein in energy negative, means your body has to burn more calories to digest it, compared to what it gains from it. It also ensured that your stomach feels full.
  3. Increase Fibers: Fibers ensures that higher protein gets digested. It also supplements the vital vitamins that your body needs. Vitamins ensure that you don’t feel tired.

Check this detailed blog on LCHLHF Diets with a detailed example of the food that you should include and avoid - How to Lose Weight through Dieting?

Please note that you must not go hungry to reduce weight because that is just going to make you crave for food!

Love, - Rachel Xavier. Blogger

if you wan to lose weight by taking medicine then phentermine is best for you.

Instant Weight Loss Tips

#1. Take A Healthy Diet

In order to lose weight quickly, it is important to fix your faulty diet and replace junk food with fruits and vegetables. A major key to weight loss is a low-calorie and high-protein diet .

#2. Exercise

Another important mode of losing weight quickly is to make and follow a vigorous exercise routine of your own. Exercising is the most natural and reliable way of shedding those extra pounds. For a healthy weight loss, make sure that you make stretching an exercise ritual.

#3. Count Your Calorie Intake

If you are aiming to lose extra weight in a lesser span of time, it is important to keep a record of the number of calories you take in an entire day. Cut down the calorie intake to an optimum amount in order to lose weight quickly.

Read more : Instant Weight Loss Tips

1. Take healthy foods: Take foods rich in fibre like fruits, vegetables, etc. By consuming less carbohydrate rich foods. Avoid fatty foods.

2. Physical activity: Go for a walk every day, do exercises.

3. Yoga: Some of the asanas are surya namaskar, halaasana, veerbhadrasana, pranayama,etc.

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