Does 'Yes You Can Diet' Plan Work?

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Does 'Yes You Can Diet' Plan Work?

Have you gained a lot of weight and are looking for ways to shed those extra kilos? Are you looking for healthy diet plans to monitor your calorie intake and consumption? What's your take on 'Yes you can plan diet? The fun and affordable diet plan may be the key to your weight loss.

Initiated by Alejandro Chabán, who was obese at the age of 15 and weighed 300 pounds, the diet plan aids in drastic weight loss with its healthy eating plan and a tinge of Latin flavor. It claims to be a scientifically proved diet plan emerging from the supervision of a team comprising of certified specialists, psychologists, trainers and doctors who help in formulating healthy nutrition habits to keep the flabby weight away.

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All of us spend ample amount of time researching for diet programs that are viable and worth the money. But, do they help us in shedding off those extra kilos? Do they give out realistic claims? No, they don’t. But ‘Yes You Can Diet Plan has a unique weight loss approach that sounds very convincing.

Alejandro Chabán became a certified nutritionist and wellness consultant at the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. He has created this plan using his experiences and tries to motivate others using the same.

What is the Goal of the Diet Plan?

The goal of this plan to help people reduce up to three to four pounds a week without the need to consume packaged meals and avoid certain food groups. It is composed of 4 main parts such as:

  • Nutrition 
  • Emotional health 
  • Movement
  • Supplements

It begins with nutrition that explains to people what to eat when to eat and what portions to eat. It is followed by emotional health which talks about understanding and learning about oneself throughout the process. Their guidance will raise your motivation level, provide solutions to your queries and welcome feedback. 

Once you cross the stage of emotional health, the experts will provide a diet consisting of food with some interesting sets of exercises. The idea is to provide you with some jovial exercises that will help you in burning humungous amount of calories. Lastly, they talk about supplements. They provide sound nutritional supplements to fasten your weight loss journey along with weight loss kits.

There are four types of supplements that this plan provides which are:

  • Collagen
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Fat Burner 
  • Colon Cleanser

Collagen pills enhance skin quality and Gotu Kala which expands collagen making in the body. The suppressant pills have 5HTP. They boost up your mood and reduce appetite. They also contain Vitamin B12 which keeps the nervous system healthy and releases energy from the food we consume. Since its rich in chamomile extracts and GABA, it helps in both fat burning and appetite reduction. The fat burner pills contain chitosan which obstructs the absorption of fat. Fat burner pills also have L-Carnitine, which improve fat oxidation. Lastly, Colon Cleanser pills are laxatives which contain rhubarb, licorice, ginger, and cascara sagrada extract.

The four supplements mentioned above can be bought in individual bottles or as a kit. Also, there will be three main meals provided on a daily basis in the transform guide. The four supplements are to be taken once a day during breakfast hours. There will be two protein shakes and snacks to munch on as well which is to be taken once during mid morning then at mid afternoon.

What Does the Plan Do?

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This program claims that it can keep the shabby amount of pounds away. However, the consumer should keep in mind that the result may differ as it works differently on different human body depending on the amount of dedication and the composition of the body. 

But before going for any diet plan, always take precautions by consulting a dietician or nutritionist. Some of their ingredients may pose a threat to your health. Hence, do not forget to exercise caution before consumption of any.

If you have more to add to this plan or feel that the information floated benefitted you, leave a comment on the box below to tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!

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