Is 'Exercising' enough to prevent weight gain?

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Is 'Exercising' enough to prevent weight gain?

The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind to lose weight would be exercising.

Just because I exercise, that does not mean I can overeat, as that is going to make me gain more weight. “What we eat is what we are”, therefore, food habits play a vital role too. At the same time, we should not starve either.


It is everybody’s wish and desire to always remain slim and trim. If at all there is some weight gain, we would definitely want to shed off the extra calories in an easy and effective way.

Apart from exercising, there are certain important factors that need to be kept in mind so as to prevent weight gain. They are -

1. First and foremost one would be mental determination to prevent weight gain. The decision must be strong with no wavering thoughts.

2. Start the morning with a warm glass of lemon juice with honey along with a glass of water.

3. Go for a morning walk, just half an hour would do. There is no need to walk for hours together and strain the body.

4. Come back home and take another glass of water.

5. Do yoga, say, Surya namaskar and aerobics, or there are dance forms of exercises available, which can be tried too for half an hour.

6. Instead of three times a day food intake, make it six small meals a day with a well-balanced diet with less carbohydrates and rich protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and enough water.

7. In the evening, after dinner, we can go for another walk for half an hour and come back home to do yoga, Chandra namaskar.

8. Have a glass of milk and off to bed.

Exercising along with following utmost discipline in food habits can definitely prevent excessive weight gain. Being slim and fit would definitely boost our self-confidence and with proper exercises and yoga, we can always remain slim and trim.

Happy healthy eating !!! 

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May be

I don't think so. According to my opinion Only exercising is not enough to prevent from weight gain. A proper balanced healthy diet is important too. Balanced diet and exercise both play equally important role in loosing weight and remaining fit. 

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