How to be a Good Parent?

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How to be a Good Parent?

We all go through various phases in life. These phases of being a student, a professional, and an adult are all very common to each of us. As we go through life we all move from one phase to another, this progress remains very common for all of us. It is a very integral part of life and our growth. All of these phases and stages in life require all of us to grow and be a different version of ourselves. While growth remains common to all these phases, there is one stage in life which requires us to transform ourselves completely. This crucial phase in life is that of parenting.

As we grow and become an adult there is a lot more responsibility we all need to take up. We become completely responsible for ourselves. This is when we come out of the kind of protection that our parents provided us and the kind of comfort we were provided all through our childhood and our teenage. As we go on to become responsible for ourselves, we also move a step ahead and become professionals. When we enter the professional world we have to equip ourselves to take up the responsibility of the work assigned to us. This is when we become responsible for things beyond ourselves. Now the amount of responsibility is more in comparison to before. This means we need to be a better version of ourselves. This means we are now answerable for something that is dependent on our performance, which clearly means we will now have to perform at a higher level in comparison to what we were used to previously.

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After all of these steps comes a time when most of us choose to take up a responsibility that is much greater than what it used to be in any of the stages before. This is exactly why parenting is more challenging and crucial in comparison to any of the stages we all go through. While talking about parenting we all need to keep in mind the fact that unlike all the other stages, parenting is a choice that we all can make. This means we all do not have a choice regarding becoming a teenager from a child and moving on to be an adult. We all are required to move from one stage to another. These are essential stages of growth and as we all grow all of these phases are inevitable. But, parenting is one such phase that is a choice we all have the liberty to make. 

It is a choice that is completely personal and is restricted to the discretion of the husband and the wife or any individual. It is not mandatory to become a parent. This stage, although not a compulsion, yet it is taken up by most of us because by the time we become responsible enough, we all wish to have a family that we all would love to call our own. There is a fact that we all often do not realize, there is an age for all the various stages in life and our outlook changes with time. No matter what our opinion is about certain things when we are young, as we grow up we all wish to touch upon all the various experiences life has to offer to us. Our wishes and desires tend to change with time. What remains crucial to understanding is the fact that as a parent we tend to become hugely responsible for the well-being of another individual altogether. This includes the security, the health, the upbringing and most importantly the fact that each decision you make as a parent for yourself and for your child, is going to affect the child and his entire life directly. This surely is a responsibility, more challenging than any other. 

Now you do not need to be a better version of yourself, you need to be the best version of yourself. Because now you are leading by example, you make mistakes and prove to be a negative example you will end up encouraging your child to do just the same. And, irrespective of the kind of individuals we all have chosen to be, none of us will ever wish to see our children become negative people. We all will always wish the best for our children.

If you have been looking for some help regarding being a good parent and wish to be a supportive and caring parent, here are some things you can do to become a good parent.

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#1. While we talk about parenting, there are some things that are common for all the parents, which they can do to be a caring and encouraging parent. But, before we get to those, it is very important to remember the fact that all individuals are very different from each other. This is the same for all the children as well. One of the best things you can do to become a good parent is to first understand your child. 

One of the mistakes parents make is comparing their children to other children. As parents, we do not realize that comparison can be a very negative thing for our children. It always restricts them from becoming the best version of their self. It is always wise to encourage them to be the best at what their set of core talents are. We need to understand the fact that all children are different and if we compel them to model the path taken by someone else we are not proving to be good parents, we are proving to be a roadblock in the path of their growth. We will not be able to support them to become the best in life because to become the best they will need to identify what their unique talent is. 

Understanding the true nature of your child and devoting yourself to exhibit a behavior which will prove to be supportive for the kind of person they are, is a really crucial tip for being the best version of a parent.

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#2. Another thing that every parent needs to understand is the fact that the way we see the world is very different from the way children see the world. So, to become a good parent start looking at things in the way your little ones will. Until your child reaches a phase where they will be able to speak their mind and express themselves clearly, they may have a lot of things all stored up in their minds but are never sure how to express them. When you take to imagining things from the point of view of your child you will realize how different things can be. 

For example, not all children are fond of sleeping alone in their crib. For most parents, the concept of the baby sleeping comfortably in their own crib may seem alright. Now take a look at the point of view of the baby, will it be a good thing for the baby to sleep in the crib all alone or will the idea of sleeping bundled up beside their favorite person, with the cozy warmth of their presence be the most appealing idea for them. Well, I suppose you can guess the correct answer all by yourself.

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#3. One of the best parenting tips I can give you is absolutely opposite to what most parents tend to do. Stop being controlling; you do not need to control what your children do. Please understand the fact that the more you try to control their actions you will end up making them rebellious. The best possible thing to do as a parent is to ‘guide’ your children. 

Guidance is as good as being in control just in the correct amount. When you provide guidance which is done in a friendly way it is always going to be received positively by the child. They will always feel that it is a friendly guidance from the parent’s part and not something they are compelled to do, this way you will not challenge their power to make decisions. Often during the growing years, the child feels like there is too much control exercised by the parents, at that point of time they do not have the ability to understand the fact that the parents only mean well. 

So, if you choose to give your opinion in the form of an advice as against doing it in the form of an order, you will see the difference in the amount of reception from the child. No individual wishes to be controlled, each person has the urge to be free to express their own ideas and wishes and this is not different when it comes to children, at the same time children need the guidance from their parents because as a child they are not yet completely equipped to take their own set of decisions. This is why it is crucial for the parent to choose an appropriate way to exercise their power of taking decisions on behalf of their children. You can be a supportive as well as a responsible parent.

Have you been struggling to be a good parent? Are you finding it difficult to deal effectively with your children? Do you feel the above article can provide you some guidance in your journey with your child? Please leave your comment below.

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A good “parenting” is the key to be a “good parent”. You can achieve the happiness of a lifetime when your kids understand your decisions and you respect their choices in return. It is crucial in this era to apprehend the person you love because if you fail to make the efforts, then the relationship becomes tougher with time. To be good parent, you must try to comprehend your child and unravel the art of being a friend and a parent at the same time.

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