What to do when your Child is not Performing Well in Exams?

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What to do when your Child is not Performing Well in Exams?

Exams are a stressful time for both students and parents, while one is studying to score well the other is losing sleep worrying about the outcome of the exam. 

The importance of exam in the life of any student should not be undervalued. However, to use it as the only medium to determine their strength and intelligence can have very negative consequences. Parents in their haste to push their kids to do well sometimes forget to draw a line and instead of making things better, make them worse. 

In order to help parents deal with the tough situation of their child underperforming, we have few helpful tips that they must follow:

#1. Support Them

Not performing well is disappointing for the students to and during this phase, they look up to their parents for support. Instead of being harsh with them, be their pillar of support. This would cement your relationship with your children for the future.

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#2. Talk To Them

Most parents lecture their progenies but seldom listen to them. Your child could be facing a lot of issues, ranging from bullying to peer pressure that is showing up as red marks on his report card. To not just improve the kid’s academic performance but also for their mental health, it is crucial to have an open minded conversation with them.

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#3. Don’t Compare Them

Perhaps one of the worst things you can ever do to lower your child’s self-esteem is to compare them with other kids. Each is unique, and not everyone excels at every field. Therefore, that does not make them failures; it just makes them different. Encourage the talents of your young one rather than berating him for not matching up to the skills of the neighboring kid.

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#4.  Get Them To Join A Hobby Class

The life of a student is stressful, and there is a limit to how much a young mind can take. To ease their burden, it is good to make them take a creative hobby or anything that takes away the pressure of studies for a while. Get them to paint or swim; do anything the child has an interest in. When their mind freshens up, they will automatically be able to study better.

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#5. Help Them Learn Their Weakness And Strength

Before them, it is crucial for you to find and accept that every human being has strength and weakness and your kid is no different. Find out which area they are best at and which they struggle in. This would help you to work on their weak areas and teach them to understand where they are lacking. This works better than playing the blame game that often erupts after the child underperforms in an exam.

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#6. Positive Reinforcement  

Sharp and negative words will only bear negative consequences. Putting your child down and giving negative remarks about him and his performance is only going to create an inferiority complex in him. It will break away his confidence, and he will see himself in a bad light. Instead, encourage your child to only focus on the positive and emphasize on their good qualities. Positive reinforcement will make the child see the good in him despite his past failures.

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#7. Failures Are A Part Of Life

Let’s be honest with ourselves; we have all failed in certain areas of our life at one point or the other. Our failures don’t define us nor did they stop us from moving ahead in our life. Teach the same to your kid.

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#8.  Let Your Child Take Ownership

Your child needs to understand that no one apart from them is responsible for their success or failure. To succeed, it is important to take ownership of one’s action and to strive to improve continuously.

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#9. Make Studies Fun

Studies don’t have to be monotonous, and the whole idea is to learn not just to mug up things for exams. Learning can be made fun in a lot of ways, take your kids to museums, arrange for group studies use another form of modules that make studying very entertaining.  

How do you deal with your child not performing well in exams? Share your views with us using the comment box below. We look forward to your opinions.

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