How to decide your mobile app development budget?

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hmmmm its can be answered in many ways. It depends on what scale you want to use this app for. If you want to use it locally then you should not bother with the app which comes with heavy budget. Make an app that is simple to use and fulfill its purpose excellently. For that you can find a local developer or a small company with good team to work with. The major persons involved in making an app are a, Analyst, UX designer, Visual designer, Technical writer, 2 mobile developers, 2 backend developers, 2 quality assurance testers, Web developer, just in case the app has administrative values, Project manager, Art director and finally a  CTO. The minimum cost of a very basic mobile app will be around $10,000 to $15,000 . Also you will be needing a time frame of atleast 2 months before your app is ready and tested to be use professionally. As for the high end apps that come with the most advanced feature like connection to social media, Q/A, forums, support and other stuff will cost you more then $50,000 and that is the starting point. The more features you add in your app the more you will have to pay to the company that you hired for that job. May i suggest a company RevGlue for cheap CMS website and app development. There are many other options available. Make sure to explore them all before you make a final decision. Good luck.

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