How to Find Out who Unfollowed you on Instagram?

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How to Find Out who Unfollowed you on Instagram?

Instagram is another super awesome social media app which lets its users uploading and sharing photos, videos and stories. It helps you in staying connected with your friends.

Instagram just like other apps also has interconnected trick apps which help you in hacking your unfollowers.

If you have been trying to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, then here are some hacking tips:

#1. Use the Manual Methods

Hate us for being honest, but if you are not the tech lover then go the primitive way. To know if anyone unfollowed you on Instagram, just go through your entire list of followers and trace the names that are absent from the list. This one’s a tedious task and is worth opting for only if you are sure of the unfollower and just need to cross check.

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But if you are not sure of the names, then better look for more options like the one mentioned below.

#2. Use an App

With new apps pouring in every day, no one can return disappointed from the play store. There are apps available that can provide you with analytical information about your Instagram account.

Unfollowers app Instagram, Android

This is the simplest app that lets you find out your unfollowers on Instagram. Helping you trace that ditcher is the sole function of this app. All you need to do is to connect your Instagram to this app and immediately figure out the names.

The app asks for your email address and then takes you directly to the dashboard with instructions on how the app works. You need to just sign in and press the “Check” button to let the app start its investigation.

In addition to tracing your unfollowers, the app provides you with a menu filled with interesting options, these options let you peek into specific or mutual followers, the ones who didn’t follow you back and the unlucky ones who you do not follow back.

An up gradation in the app will provide you with a choice to receive instant notifications and updates about your unfollowers on your email id.

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InstaFollow, Apple

InstaFollow app is for the apple users and can be downloaded on your mobile device. Just like the rest, this app too requires you to sink in your Instagram account into it. It is popularly used for tracking your ‘followers status’.

You can use the app to find new people to follow. When you do so, it pops out a summary of all your new followers, unfollowers, individuals who don’t follow you back or are not followed back by you and the ones who blocked you too. To have a detailed view of your unfollowers, just click on the "Have Unfollowed Me" option and you are sorted.

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This one is a premium social media optimization tool that can be synced with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various other social networks. The user just needs to sign up and create a free account. Connecting your account with Instagram will help you trace your lost followers.

You can find the unfollowers by clicking on the “Audience” icon present with your profile picture. Click on “New Unfollowers” in the next tab for desirable results. The app will show all the people who unfollowed you.

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Have you used any of these apps? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Yes there are many apps available on play store. You can easily unfollow all your instagram followers with just once click.

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