How to Find out Who is Stalking you on Instagram?

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How to Find out Who is Stalking you on Instagram?

Social media sites are a great way to share the exciting aspects of your daily life and to know what your friends are upto. We often check out the Instagram pages of random folks who catch our eye but have you ever wondered who checks your Instagram profile.

In case you are brimming with curiosity as to who viewed your Instagram post, there is a way to see who viewed your social media profile. Check it out! 

Being Stalked On Instagram

Being one of the most popular social media sites, Instagram has users from all over the world. It is incredibly easy to use, visually very enticing with people sharing snippets of their life in the form of picture post or videos.

This platform is the most preferred form of engagement, and an average user has followers in hundreds. In such a case, one is often confused about who checks out their post or goes through their profile. 

So, is it possible for you check out exactly who has been stalking your profile? The answer is yes and the process to find out your secret admirers is fairly simple and can be accomplished in few easy steps.

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Instagram Stories

Most of us use Instagram on our phone and why not? It is easier and practical just to open your phone anytime, even when you are on the go and check your Instagram profile. So, just log in to your main profile page and tap on the home icon which is the second left icon on the page that resembles a tiny home. 

Now, in case you have been living under a rock or haven’t checked your Instagram page in years, the social media site has a new feature which is very interesting. It is fun, a lot more casual than putting posts and helps you discover the answer to your nagging question, 'who has been visiting my profile?'.

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How To Upload A Story?

Uploading a story on Instagram is simple and can be done in some easy steps. You must have noticed a lot of other people you are following have been uploading their stories that appear on your home page at the top. To upload your story, you need to go to your profile page and click on the left home icon; you will see a camera icon visible on the top left side. Click on the camera icon and share your very first story with your followers. 

Now, for those of you who are confused with which particular icon we are talking about, it is the camera icon that is there at the very top on the left-hand side. The icon has your story written beneath it to make your job easier, so just click on it and let people know what’s on your mind or on your food plate.

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The Instagram stories stay for 24 hours, and you can see who has viewed your Instagram story in that time frame. All you need to do is click your profile icon on the top left and of the app and swipe upward. This way you can see who checks out your updates and is interested in seeing your post and who has or has not followed you back.

Have you shared your first story on Instagram? Please leave a feedback using the comment box below.

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