To Instagram or not ?

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To Instagram or not ?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking apps.

You can find Instagram photos everywhere on your Facebook and Twitter feed. The best thing about Instagram is that it makes ordinary photos look beautiful because of its filters.

If you haven’t started using Instagram yet, here are some reasons why you should join Instagram

1. Stories through pictures: We, human beings are always attracted towards the visuals. You can tell your stories through pictures in Instagram. It is a fast, fun and beautiful photo sharing application.

2. Instagram is micro blogging: Micro blogging is gaining popularity with every passing day. Bloggers and authors use Instagram to share information with their readers. A post in Instagram is like a mini blog post. It also leads to a lot of engagement because of the visual appeal.

3. Make new friends: Instagram is a good social platform where you can make friendship with like-minded people. By using the relevant hash tags, you can find some like-minded people who will appreciate your photographs.

4. It is fun: Suppose you are travelling somewhere. You click a beautiful picture, add the perfect filter and post it on Instagram. Within a few minutes, you get plenty of likes and comments. That definitely sounds fun.

5. It is great for brands: If you have a business, you can promote your services and products in Instagram. All you need to do is to click beautiful pictures and post them. Add the relevant hash tags and you can reach a large audience.

Therefore, you must try Instagram and I can assure you that you’ll start enjoying it.!

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Yes, if you are interested in using social medias the you must try Instagram too. You will have a great fun here you can make new friends and enjoy chating them.


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