How to Pass Time in the Best Way?

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How many times in a day do you keep waiting for one thing or the other, keep hopping from one queue to another, traveling in a vehicle to reach from one destination to the other? Most of the times, isn’t it? And there are so many social media platforms that can be browsed before you start getting bored
Everyone is aware of the fact that smartphone has plenty of features to entertain us, but games will always have their own special place. There are times when you are sitting idle and there is nothing to do, you need something to pass your time.
Here are nine games and apps that can help you kill time.

Flow Free
This is the like exercising your bored mind. You have to connect the matching colors with the pipes to create a ‘flow’. The level is crossed once you cover the board. If you overlap, pipes will break so you have to be cautious. Haven’t yet played the game, go ahead and play.
If you like reading new content in your free time, you will love this app. Images, videos, entertaining articles, news, quotes, tips and a lot of more across the web will be served within a click.

Wealth Words
This online crossword puzzle game is a little different because it is a ‘play & win real cash game'. You can go for crossword games, story-based games, and poem based games in Hindi, English and Chinese languages. Refer your friends and compete with them.

Sand Draw Sketch
Do you feel drawing on the sand is fun? You are not able to chill out every day on the beach so this one is the best way to have the beach sand as your canvas in a virtual space. Go for something creative!

Duo Lingo
Ever wanted to learn new languages? If you have answered that in a Yes, go ahead and download the app right now. Choose from Spanish, French, German, English and 20 more different languages. Workout and competitive lessons help you learn something new while killing time. How cool is that?

Meme Generator
Memes. You have seen enough of them. This is the right time to make your own now!. Make the most adorable memes with different pictures and fonts with the help of the amazing app.

Did you ever imagine if there were foodies from across the globe and they could talk to each other to give gastronomical pleasure? This amazing app makes dream come true. Browse the delicious photos of various cuisines and swipe-to-save to know the recipe. Now, this is actually something different.

Word Bubbles
The word game with the twist. Having a set of letters, you have to swipe your fingers along the letter bubbles so that you can spell words. As you move further the levels become progressively challenging. There are 400 levels in total, which players more hooked.  

This game has been specially developed to train and enhance cognitive skills. On an average, there are 30 quick games to sharpen the brain which simultaneously tracks the progress.
When you are looking for something meatier and something more, go ahead and try the aforementioned. Whether you have to divert your mind from stress or whatever the reason is, they will always make the best of the moment. So go ahead, start playing and have fun.  

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I pass my time by the surfing shopping sites, such as search the rings

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