How to Raise a Confident Child?

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How to Raise a Confident Child?

Raising children is no cakewalk, there are a  number of responsibilities on parents as well as the entire society. There is no specific mantra on how to deal with kids because every child is unique and his or her disposition varies. One approach cannot do in terms of raising children. Parents ought to deal with children employing different strategies and methods, in order to, see the mood swings of their children.

Children at every stage of life undergo series of emotions which they don’t seem to vent out and share with their parents. This stage rears its ugly head in every child, and it's the parents' duty to teach and guide kids through life, so that they become confident and breeze through the trials and tribulations of life without pressure and anxiety. Confidence plays an important role in that it gives children a platform to showcase their talent without inhibitions.

Ways To Raise A Confident Child

A child is full of innocence and creativity in his or her formative years, a budding figure which needs nourishment like a seed to grow into a plant. Parents can instill faith and good manners along with some advice which can help them overcome life’s tsunami. Confidence plays an important role in everyone’s lives; it is a ticket to the recognition of talent. Here are some of the ways to raise a confident child :

#1. Pour Affection

Children get encouraged when you adore them, if you cannot express love explicitly, go for indirect methods. Praise them before others and tell them how much they matter to you and others around you. Little gestures can leave an everlasting impact.

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#2. Read Them Stories

Nothing is better than reading stories, and books to kids. Their nascent ideas and notions get wings which emanate creativity, and the outcome is a confident child. Stories let them travel with the characters which give them a new perspective of life. Parents must drill reading habits into children.

#3. Appreciate Humor

Kids indulge in fun and frolic and their age demands laughter, once they age, they don’t have time to enjoy owing to work pressure and various chapters of life, good and bad. Their tricks and mischief must be taken for granted unless it is something terrible. This approach makes them confident and cautious too. One of the ways of raising children is to teach them to laugh at themselves and enjoy comedy in life.

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#4. Teach Them Order

A structured and well-planned strategy succeeds. Things go awry when you don’t have a specific order and the topsy-turvy results piss you off. Same holds good for children. A confident child learns order from the get-go, in his swaddling clothes so he or she can manage his affairs. An order is the need of the hour. The chaos brings chaos while a good schedule brings fruitful results.

#5. Practice What You Preach

It is futile telling your children what you yourself don’t abide by or believe in. Teach children basic etiquettes, good manners and the importance of honesty and other virtues. Practice what you teach them, or else you would end up raising a timid, or maybe a child with devil-may-care-attitude instead of a confident child.

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#6. Be Patient

While raising children, make sure your attitude and behavior is correct, be patient. Parents should never show signs of impatience which otherwise, can become a hindrance to the growth of your kid. Encourage him or take up a new activity to build their interest in things they are not familiar with.

#7. Be Amiable

Share day-to-day activities and conversations with them so that they learn the art of sharing and interacting. Be extremely friendly in approach and encourage communication, communication is the key to raising a confident child.

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#8. Be Objective

The attitude of parents, at times, becomes the biggest impediment to the progress and development of a child. If parents articulate their subjective views, children tend to become nervous and shy. Parents should give tongue to their opinions and criticism as objectively as they can. Criticism should never be in the form of an affront which humiliates them.

How To Build Confidence In A Child?

Drumming up confidence in a child doesn’t come easy though, it is not a mammoth task which is unattainable. The approach and conditioning while raising children must be positive and impactful. A blooming flower or a plant is a testament to the nourishment it has been given. Children are little seeds who need similar nourishment. Here are some of the things parents can do to instill confidence in a child, so that he or she grows up to be a confident child :

#1. Give Latitude

Ask your children to be independent, do things on their own and be someone in their own right instead of depending on others. This gives them the right to decide things, also teach them to exercise their prerogatives. Give them permission to travel, indulge in adventurous activities, plan activities for them to build confidence.

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#2. Nurture Their Passion

Parents must take their children’s passion seriously and prod them to enjoy and work hard towards it, so that they have a dream which they can realize in future. Do not subjugate them for your own selfish motives, and do not push them into things they abhor.

#3. Set Rules

Rules create order, and help in the successful completion of tasks and maintaining order. If you define boundaries while raising children, they will learn a sense of responsibility and do things on time. They learn the importance of punctuality and discipline in the process.

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#4. Invite Their Pals

Inviting your child’s friends to your place and chatting with them lets you know the nature of friends and the company they are in. Children feel close to their parents and discuss more things in open when they feel their parents treat them as equals and respect their circle of friends in the bargain. This acts a boost for children. A confident child doesn’t conceal things and stays honest, which is very important in a relationship.

#5. Teach Self-Encouragement

Encourage children, and assign tasks which help them achieve objectives and teach them to perform better every time and ask them not to get disheartened by a bad performance. Ask them to motivate themselves.

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#6. Time For Adults

Set a time frame for your children when they can be in the company of adults and get engaged in meaningful talks and learn things from observation and experience. Friends are important, but grown-ups are a good influence and can help you ponder over things from a different angle. A confident child mingles easily in a group and feels comfortable.

#7. Do Not Control

Controlling children from a nascent age can leave appalling imprints on the minds of a child. The process of raising children doesn’t start with control, but with guiding, not with subjugating, but with supporting. When parents control a kid, they impose their opinions on them without realizing the negative impact it leaves.

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#8. Don’t Run After Perfection

Nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws and imperfections, and that is the beauty. With imperfection, children have scope to improve, encourage themselves, and experience various things. Children should be taught not to chase perfection because it is almost unattainable at times, goals are what matters the most, and one must strive to achieve those.

Can you suggest ways to raise a confident child? Do let us know by sharing your views in the comments.

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