How to stay calm after losing your way in the wilderness?

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How to stay calm after losing your way in the wilderness?

We often take our safety and access to information for granted. We always have filtered water, energy bars, organic cereals and plush chairs within our reach wherever we are. Whether we are at home or office, we are in our comfort zone, feeling on top of the world. 

Pay attention to your horse

When we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, away from our riding trail, without a sense of direction, it is indeed a rude awakening. If that happens in to in the near future, we need you to stay calm. We know how preposterous that sounds, but you need to retain your composure and cut the panic lose. Horses are compassionate creatures, and they can understand when their riders are high strung.

Have you ever noticed during races on TVG how the riders and handlers often speak with their horses before the competition commences? These intelligent creatures not only understand gross emotions, but they also appreciate your words. So, if you notice your horse getting jittery on an unknown trail, you can try cooing him or soothing her with kind words. That will help in calming the horse down, and it will comfort you as well. 

Pack smartly

Let us hope that you will be lost for only a few hours or a day at the most. Apart from carrying a small backpack containing first-aid, drinking water, light food, safety equipment and fire starting kit, you need to ensure that you have emergency warm clothes for yourself. You can only hope that you don’t have to build a shelter before the rescue team locates you, but for that you need to be in your senses, warm and healthy.

Start a fire

Starting a smoke signal is a smart way to indicate your location. You can do so by gathering dry leaves, twigs and bigger chunks of wood. Keeping waterproof matches in the bag is always a great idea, whether you plan to lose your trail or not. Adding a few damp leaves to the fire will create more smoke. Be sure to light the fire in open ground where the smoke can rise steadily in a thick column. It will make the work of the rescue team a lot easier.

Save the fire

The fire will also serve the purpose of keeping you warm, so get enough raw material to keep the fire going for a long time. Building a temporary shelter out of nothing in the wilderness is tricky, and not everyone can do it. A shelter is not compulsory unless it is raining hard. In case there are rains, you will need shade for yourself, cover your horse and keep the fire dry.

Losing your way in the jungle can be scary. However, panicking can lead you to make mistakes. Keeping your head on is very necessary to find a way out into civilization. Look for clues like the direction of the setting sun, moss on tree trunks, familiar structures or signs of human movement nearby. Calculating the number of hours you have strayed and your speed can give you a hint of the distance from the known trail.

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