How to win the lottery or Increase the chances of win

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If you depend on the lottery to make a little extra pocket money, you'll be delighted to know that you can increase your chances of winning. Obviously, buying more tickets means more chances of winning. But buying more means spending more too. So, a lottery pool is the way to go. Pick a group of friends all interested in buying tickets. Then, buy more tickets and increase the chances of you getting the winning numbers. Sure, you'll have to share the amount you win but your chances of winning increase manifold.
In case you do not want to share your winnings, simply buy more tickets less often. If you buy 50 tickets once a month, you increase your chances of winning without spending more money on tickets each week.
Another way of getting your odds up is by selecting rare numbers that other people won't necessarily pick. Really low or really high numbers have better chances of winning.
Finally, when the winning numbers are being announced, check all your tickets very carefully. If you bought a lot of tickets to increase your chances, chances are you'll miss out on winning numbers if you aren't careful. Check and recheck your numbers before giving up.
If you continue to lose, or have won more than a few times, quit while you're ahead so you don't get hooked. Let lottery remain a fun game and don't depend on it for income.

If you want to win a lottery then you should buy more than one ticket. The more tickets you have the more are the possibilities of winning. It doesn’t mean that you waste all your money on the tickets because buying a hundred tickets will not ensure victory. Join a lottery pool which will share the prize money of the lottery. You can get together with the people at your workplace, neighbors, friends and family. You could all buy tickets and share the winning lottery. The money will be less as it will be shared. Instead of buying a ticket every week you can save the money and buy one when the lottery prize increases. Though this strategy will not increase the chances of winning but if you win then you will win big. Another thing is that previous lotteries have no effect on future lotteries so you should not be worried about a certain number lottery. You can choose any number you like. Play the lottery after a big cash prize has been won because a lot of people do not play right after a huge jackpot has been won.

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