Inspiring Story: Here's how a Brave Cancer Survivor is Breaking Stereotypes, one at a Time

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Inspiring Story: Here's how a Brave Cancer Survivor is Breaking Stereotypes, one at a Time

Teri Griege is an Athlete, Author, and a Motivational speaker. She has gone for the race in six world major marathons in Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Tokyo, and Berlin the 70.3 Ironman World Championship, and still continues to train and compete in various triathlons and races. Other than this she is a motivational speaker who has been part of shows like The Today Show, ESPN, and NBC and also The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Blog. She is someone who travels to various places sharing her amazingly inspiring story and motivating people to live their life to the fullest in each and every moment.

According to Triathlon Inspires, she is the founder of her foundation called Powered By Hope and is doing various things to make sure her work of motivating and inspiring people reach as many people as possible. This is a foundation that is working towards motivating and inspiring all those people who have been suffering from cancer. Their main aim is to bring hope to the life of all these people by providing them with medals and other inspirational quotes that will help to make sure they remain motivated.

The story of this woman remains hugely inspiring because she chose to keep working towards making her dream true and did not let cancer make her mentally weak. She was a high school athlete and had been running in high school. She began running marathons at the age of forty and ran for major world marathons. At all times she worked towards improving her speed and becoming a better athlete. Her big dream was to run Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii.

She began preparing for the championship and made sure she did all possible training to make sure she performed her best at the marathon. In spite of doing all the possible training that could help her to perform at her best speed, she could not qualify as she was slow by five minutes. This is when she realized the fact that something was wrong with her body, because of which she was not being able to perform well.

She was diagnosed with cancer and due to the fact that she could not recognize the symptoms of the disease spreading in the body, the cancer was in its advanced stage, which meant she could live for approximately five years. This is where she did not give up on her dream and continued to work towards making this dream a reality.

She worked with the philosophy that she was going to take one day at a time and was going to make sure that she lived all those days to the fullest and did not leave any opportunity to feel happy and alive. At the age of fifty, she managed to cross the line in Kona, at that time she had gone through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. She did not give up and kept working on the principle that you are never too old to achieve something and you should never give up.

Now she is a published author and a motivational speaker who goes around preaching her philosophy and motivating cancer patients to live their lives to the fullest.

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Wonderful and inspiring indeed Teri. You are a role model for all people who feel shattered by the perceived deadly disease called cancer, made easy by courageous and tenacious people like you. May you continue to inspire millions into fulfilling their lives, living a courageous and joyous lives.

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